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From: Sg2tired2c -at- Subject: [WHITNEY-L] ANOTHER WHITNEYVILLE Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 22:51:16 EST Sorry to cause so much confusion. Here is the history behind Whitneyville/Trent and where it is located: William Whitney and family moved from Ohio to Sparta Twp, Kent Co, MI in 1849. They are listed in the 1850 census for that area. Cyrena had married Seth Gilbert and Eunice Whitney was married to Eustace Cook. In 1854, the Whitney, Gilbert, and Cook families moved to Casnovia Twp, Muskegon Co, MI. The Whitney Brothers purchased a saw mill and over 700 acres of land and began making improvements. In 1857, a grist mill was added. The mill was run by the waters of Crockery Creek. In the 1860 census for Muskegon County, the town is listed as Whitneyville. I am not sure exactly when the name Trent took over, but it has been written that it evolved because the post office for the area was called Trent. Trent is west of Bailey and Casnovia and slightly NE of Ravenna. I know Ravenna is on the map so you should be able to pinpoint the general area. One of the original homes is still standing, as well as the Trent Grange and another old building. There are farms and homes and it is a beautiful area. Because of the damming of the Muskegon River, Crockery Creek is too low to be of any help for lumbering any longer, but my husband still enjoyed growing up on the banks of that creek. The Gilbert family sold the last piece of land in that area a few years ago. For all the traveling the ancestors did, it's amazing that they managed to stay in the same area for almost 150 years. Hope this helps answer some questions. Susan Gilbert Ravenna, MI

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