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From: Chris Branagan <dunmore -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Reunion 2002 Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002 19:14:36 -0500 Hi , Lyn Legere and I are too busy planning the Whitney Research Group Reunion 2002 to get much involved in the DNA discussion. But should we plan some time to discuss the process and implications of a DNA at the Reunion? Please make your reservations as soon as possible to attend the Whitney Research Group Reunion 2002. This will help Lyn and me in planning the weekend! The phone number at the Sheraton in Lexington Ma. is 781-862-8700. Be sure to tell the reservation clerk you are part of the Whitney Research Group and you'll get the special rate of $84 per night. So far these are the people who have responded to me that they have made reservations at the Sheraton and plan to attend the Reunion festivities: Chris Branagan 5 Janet Whitney Duffield 1 Victoria Harrell 1 Glenna Inglis 3 Noreen Latour 2 Joan Whitney Markert 1 Esther Mott 2 Mike Poston 2 Karl Schwerin 2 Larry Tracy 2 Robert Ward 1 Jan Whitaker 1 Casper Whitney 3 John Whitney from Vermont 2 Ken Whitney from Maryland 2 Robert C. Whitney from La. 2 This makes a total of 32 definite attendees to date. We look forward to a great weekend. Lyn is working on the program and should have something to report on it within a couple of days. thanks, Carolyn

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