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From: "Nancy Richardson" <nancyr -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Louisa Allen Whitney Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 18:12:04 -0600 Hello, I'm relatively new to the list and I'm looking for information regarding my great-great-great grandmother, Louisa (nee Allen) Whitney. She was born 5 Apr 1808, Springfield, VT, married 23 Nov 1823 to WILLIAMS WHITNEY in Hornellsville, NY and died 3 Sept 1886 in Burns, NY. Their children were: Lawrence, b. 14 Sept 1827, married Josephine Barber John, b. 14 Dec 1829, married Diantha Fuller Sarah Louisa, b.18 July 1836, married Joshua S. Moore Adelaide Virginia, b. 3 Nov 1844, married John A. Gload Mercy Fidelia, b. 1 Aug 1852, d. 12 Feb 1959 My information regarding Louisa is from the Pierce book. I had originally been told that she was from Cazenovia, NY. Any information regarding Louisa, her parentage, or other family members would be much appreciated. Thank you! Nancy Richardson

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