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From: ALLAGREEN -at- Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Kingston, NH, Data Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 01:01:57 EDT Dear WRG: Some time ago a kind person sent me about 15 discs with Kingston, NH information. One part was genealogical data collected by a third party. Another part was Vital Records. Copied below is Whitney information from the first part. For those entries that I have marked as [probably living] -- I can supply the data per individual request, but thought I shouldn't broadcast it generally. I'll do another such posting with what I can glean from the Vital Records discs. **************************************************** Kingston, NH, Collected Genealogical Data POLLARD, Francis 1md b: ABT 1723 Chebacco, MA Father: POLLARD, John m: 06 SEP 1747 Kingston, NH Mother: POPE, Mary d: Spouse: WEBSTER, Sarah bu: Cemetery: Note: POLLARD, Francis 2md b: ABT 1723 Chebacco, MA Father: POLLARD, John m: Mother: POPE, Mary d: Spouse: WHITNEY, Eleanor bu: Cemetery: Note: SILLOWAY, Agnes Lillian b: ABT 1923 Father: SILLOWAY, Frank W. m: Mother: OSGOOD, Annie Bessie d: 10 FEB 1981 of Danville, NH Spouse: WHITNEY, ________ bu: Cemetery: Note: d ae 58y WHITNEY, Eleanor b: 23 JUL 1740 Dunstable, MA Father: WHITNEY, James m: Mother: ROBBINS, Eleanor d: Spouse: POLLARD, Frances bu: Cemetery: Note: WHITNEY, Phyllis Louise [possibly still living - AEG] WHITNEY, William Donald [probably living - AEG] WHITNEY, Robert Wayne " " WHITNEY, Shelly Ann " " WHITNEY, Jason Thomas " " WHITNEY, Louis B. 5259 b: ABT 1908 Boston, MA Father: WHITNEY, William O. m: 30 AUG 1932 Raymond, NH Mother: BIRD, Lena J. d: 07 NOV 1973 Haverhill, MA Spouse: NASON, Elizabeth B. bu: Cemetery: Note: md by Rev Sumner Sargent; or b Hyde Park, MA *********************************************************************** Allan E. Green

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