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From: Graham Rolls <grahamr -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Shela Lyon's Gedcom File. Date: Tue, 07 May 2002 09:38:23 +0800 Hi Folks, I sent the following E-mail to Sheila Lyon ( lyon55 -at- who had registered a Gecom file on It contained a lot of Whitney names. However the E-mail bounced. Can anyone help me get in touch with her? Thanking You In Anticipation. Graham Rolls (Perth Western Australia). Hi Shelia, I was searching for my G.G.G. Grandfather Robert WHITNEY, details below, when I came across your Gedcom file. I wasn't able to import your gedcom file into Brothers Keeper but could view it on screen. However because of the size of the files I haven't finished viewing them yet. I have traced my direct line from Robert WHITNEY back to the present day. I was wondering if we are related and if so, perhaps we could share our files. Regards Graham Rolls 1. Robert Whitney b. 1755, m. 13 Aug 1786, in St Lawrance Darleston Staffordshire Eng, Millisent Eyland, b. 1764, Walsall Staffordshire England, (daughter of William Eyeland and Milliscent Bird). Robert died 1833, Walsal Staffordshire England. Children: i Mary Whitney b. 1788, Walsall Staffordshire England. 2. ii William b. 1789. Walsall Staffordshire England. iii John Whitney b. 1793, Walsall Staffordshire England. iv Samuel Whitney b. 1794, Walsall Staffordshire England. v Elizabeth Whitney b. 1797, Walsall Staffordshire England. vi Daniel Whitney b. 1798, Walsall Staffordshire England. vii Thomas Whitney b. 1803, Walsall Staffordshire England. viii Maria Whitney b. 1805, Walsall Staffordshire England. ix Charles Whitney b. 1807, Walsall Staffordshire England. x Ann Whitney b. 1809, Walsall Staffordshire England.

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