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From: "Chris Lindemer" <waf227b -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] My notes on Deacon Joshua Whitney Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 12:49:42 -0400 Dear Whitney Researchers, Here is my collection of notes on Deacon Joshua Whitney. I found that by just checking the indexes of the books on Groton, I found very little. By paging through the books and scanning each entry, I found out much more about him. His name is misspelled in many ways: Whitting, Whitny, Joseua Witney, Joshuay Whitny, Joshuey Whitney, Joshiway Whitny, deacon wwhitney, decon whitney, and possibly 'Joshua Wheat'. Chris Notes on Joshua Whitney and the Joshua Whitney homestead: Joshua Whitney, also known as Deacon Whitney, was one of the pioneer settlers of Groton. He was born on in Watertown, MA on July 15, 1635. He was married several times and had many children. Nine children are listed in his will. His last wife was Abigail Tarbell. He was chosen for Selectman three times (1681, 1687, and 1702). He also served Groton as a constable, fence viewer, ‘tiding man’(tithing man??), and ‘to seat the meeting house’ (heat the meeting house?). He died on August 17, 1719 and was buried in the old Groton cemetery. "History of the Town of Groton" by Caleb Butler List of original proprietors of Groton includes Joshua Whitney with 8 acre rights (p. 27) Garrisons in 1692: List of 31 men including Joshua Whitney and Joshua Whitney Jr. for March 17, 1691-92 (p. 91) "Groton During the Indian Wars" by Samuel A. Green List of garrisons dated March 17th, 1691-92. Joshua Whitting (Joshua Whitney) and Joshua Whitting, Junr. (Joshua Whitney Jr.) are both listed. . At the bottom of the list, it says “In all, thirty-one men.” (pp. 60-61) A Joshua Wheat (Whitney?) is listed in a garrison house list. (p. 62) “Near the end of Queen Ann’s War (1702-1713) there were eighteen garrisons in this town, containing, in all, fifty-eight families, or three hundred and seventy-eight persons.” Deacon Whittney’s (Whitney) garrison is the second house listed, containing 4 families, 8 ‘inhabits’, a blank for the number of soldiers, and 32 for the number of ‘souls’. (p. 107) "The Early Records of Groton Massachusetts 1662-1707" edited by Samuel A. Green, M.D. “Out of Chelmes Road goe a high way near to wheir Joshua Whitneys first house stood four poll wid running out of that sid ferny medow to Brown loaf plain so unto common.” (p. 35) Joshua Whitney is listed as one of the original proprietors of Groton, having 8 ‘acre-rights’. (p. 56) Joshua Whitney is listed as one of the Groton selectmen on the “10 of the 10th mo. 1680 for 81” (along with 6 other men) p. 58 “at a ginnrall Town meting of Groton desember 12 d 1681 ffor constibls (constables) heniry Willard and Joshawy Whitny (Joshua Whitney) p. 64 List of names of heads of families after resettlement. ‘Joseua Witney’ (Joshua Whitney) is the last name on the list (p. 69-70) “Joshuay Whitny have payd for his land which he did purchis of the Town comity in the yer 1683 the and iust sum of twellue shillings for twellue ackrs of land. I say payd for according too ordr for the us of the Town” by me Jonathan Mors Clark (clerk) (p. 87) Town debts. Selectman mtg 24 day 9 month 1684. “The Town indetid too Joshuey Whitney for constibell” 16 0 (p. 88) “At a g[en]arall Town meting upon 10d 10m 1685-6 the Town did chus thar Bublick ofisers (public officers)” ffens uewers (fence viewers) Joshiway Whitny & Enosh Loranc (p. 90) Grotin, Decmbr. 9th 1687 Selectmen chosen. Joshua Whitney is one of 4 men listed. (p. 96) August 28, 1696 “for tiding men” Samuell Woods sener, deacn Whetny, (Deacon Whitney), enoch larrance , John Stone (p. 116) Groton town meeting nouember 12, 1700 Chosen for to ‘seat the meting house”: deacon wwhitney, Insign farnworth, liften larrance, Thomas tarbell, danniell Cade (p. 119) Selectmen chosen at town meeting march 9th, 1702 included ‘decon whitney’ (p. 121)

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