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From: Lyn Legere <lynleg -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Re: ** (Still) In Search of Richard Whitney ** Date: Thu, 23 May 2002 09:10:44 -0400 References: <> Hi Joseph, >From what I've seen on the postings, it doesn't appear that anyone on the list has a strong connection to this person. I'm fairly certain that if anyone knew of any resources to help you out, we would have heard, although some people may be away or not online. I'd give it some time for anyone who hasn't yet read the messages. I would also suggest you try other primary sources like historical societies or local libraries in the area where Richard lived, or newspapers given his run ins with the law. Best of luck, LYN CollegeAvePress -at- wrote: > Hi, Lyn......Hope you've had a fruitful week thus far. > > After some initially encouraging E-mails from the WRG, things seem to be dead > quiet in terms of a response to my inquiry about Richard Whitney. > > Do you have any 'leads' to offer in terms of a source for Whitney photos, > contacts, etc.? I think I may need to make a more direct request to someone > in the family, or to someone who has family archives, photos, etc. > > Gratefully, > > Joseph Sinnott, Publisher > COLLEGE AVENUE PRESS > Voice: 845-2666-8100; Fax: 845-266-5515

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