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From: Lyn Legere <lynleg -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] RE: Reunion & Watertown Library Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 07:46:41 -0400 Hello folks, I met with people over at the Watertown Free Public Library yesterday. People might be interested to know that the first librarian was Solan Whitney ! The library staff will amass all that they have related to the Whitneys and some area history prior to our arrival on Saturday and it will all be put out on the tables for easy access. There are also some original works by Anne Whitney on the walls. To enhance our visiting experience there, I have a couple of questions and a couple of requests. Questions: 1) Does anyone know how long the family was in Watertown? This will help with knowing what books to put out. 2) Does anyone know where John and/or Elinor are buried? We couldn't find them on the lists of early Watertown cemeteries. If this is already known by someone on the list, neither I nor someone else needs to spend time at this point researching this? 3) Do people want to purchase copies of the Bond Watertown map (very early map of the area). I believe they're $5.00. Let me know so I can give them an approx. # of maps to have on hand. 4) Do people want to purchase the new book on Watertown? (You can see the Watertown Free Public Library homepage for info on this book. Solan Whitney is in this book.) Again, let me know the numbers, so I can let them know. I think it goes for $19.95. The library's homepage also has links to the city directories for many years. They are, unfortunately, unindexed and you have to work your way through lengthy PDF documents to see if any Whitneys were there. These are Watertown and Waltham directories joined. If people want to volunteer to go through these, we could find out the addresses and then go to Mapquest or similar site to see where they're located on a current map. Volunteers can get in touch with me. Thanks, LYN

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