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From: Christopher Branagan <dunmore -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Reunion best wishes Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 11:46:03 -0400 References: <> Hello Margie and George, We will miss you at the Reunion. Be sure to watch the WRG site during the Reunion weekend of August 9-11, because we'll be posting pictures and stories for those of you unable to make it. from, Carolyn Margie and George Parker wrote: > To all who will be attending the reunion: > > Hope you have a grand old time. Sorry I cannot be there -- I had to > make my New England trip around the Fourth of July. It was hot! > > Please let us all know what happens and what you learned. > > In a recent posting, somebody mentioned finding the Rhode Island > Historical Society library in Providence (very close to the Brown > University campus) very useful. If you have the time, you also might > want to check out the Connecticut Historical Society library in > Hartford. They seem to have fewer printed genealogies than RIHS but > have some good manuscripts (you can ask for a box of MS's on lots of > families, including Whitney), some of the original notes for Barbour > and someone collecting data for Phoenix, and notes of D. L. Jacobus on > a number of families. (For directions to reach there go to > > Further north is the Vermont Historical Society library, now located > in Barre VT. They have just moved into a refurbished school greatly > increasing the area for public stacks. It opened after I was in VT > this summer so I have not seen the new place, but visited the old > library in Montpelier often. By the way, VT vital records are kept in > Middlesex, about five miles northwest of Montpelier. They now consist > of microfilm records of an old card file alphabetized within several > time periods. They are not complete -- part of the data was collected > by asking town clerks to supply old data, some of which they got by > copying off grave stones. > > Have a good time! > > George Parker > >

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