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From: Lyn Legere <lynleg -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Re: How Many Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 22:06:45 -0400 References: <> <> I imagine much of the information can be forwarded electronically. Documents can be forwarded as attachments to many e-mail programs. Another way is to copy them into an e-mail. Another possibility may be to post things onto the page and people can download from there. There is also the possibility of people sending Self-Adressed Stamped envelopes for things they want copies of. For much of the work, it's a matter of either volunteering the time to do things or coordinate others to do things. But, yes, in the end, you may have to absorb costs or organize to get the moula from others. I might add, though, that in the end, most of the time, the work is rewarding and the group usually rallies to find good solutions to most things ! LYN Christopher Branagan wrote: > So far I have had 2 people request things, but no addresses yet. Next > week, if we have a volunteer, we can let people on the list know > that this is available. I am expecting after the Reunion to get several > requests. It's hard to estimate this kind of thing, but I would guess > there might be 20 requests. > > As far as cost, Lyn and I have each picked up the incidental costs of > the Reunion up until now, although one lady mailed me $10 to help > out.Last week on the list we were discussing the possibility of > "passing the hat" at the Reunion for everyone to put in $10 or so to > help cover these kinds of costs.There may or may not be enough to cover > the costs you would incur for photocopying and mailing. I have > learned that if you volunteer for any job like this, you should be > prepared to bear all the expenses.I personally don't mind.There are > others who contribute to the WRG and it ends up benefitting everyone. > > from, Carolyn > > Timeneggin -at- wrote: > > >Hi Carolyn, > > > >How many people who were unable to attend the reunion have asked to have > >things mailed to them? And if one volunteers, would one then have to pay for > >this themselves. > > > >Phyllis (H) > >

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