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From: "Caradwen von Braskat" <caradwen -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Reunion in SLC Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 12:38:02 -0700 Hi all - I think it would be great fun to go to SLC to do research though the sheer volume of people and how busy it could get could be a bit daunting. And as an amusing side note the Whitney's are distantly related by marriage to the founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, through my Great-grandmothers marriage to Greeley Davis Shumway. Greeley was a descendent of Mariah Smith, who was a sister of Samuel Smith who was Joseph Smiths Great-great-grandfather. Caradwen _________________________________________________________________ Join the worlds largest e-mail service with MSN Hotmail. <a href=""></a>

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