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From: "Robert L. Ward" <rlward1 -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] A Small Success Story Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 21:54:54 -0400 In-Reply-To: <> Dear K. E. H., At 08:47 PM 8/19/02 -0500, you wrote: >I too have Whitney headstone pictures that I would love to have posted on >the web site. I have a scanner, would that help. Let me know of ways >that I could post get these pictures posted. >They are of >Earl Whitney >Fredrick Whitney >Wilbur Whitney >Eramus Darwin Whitney If the photographs are in electronic form, you have the same two options I mentioned in my earlier message below. If not, you can scan them in, save them in .jpeg format, and then you are at the same fork in the road. >>----- Original Message ----- >>From: Robert L. Ward >>Sent: Monday, August 19, 2002 10:53 AM >>To: WHITNEY-L -at- >>Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] A Small Success Story >> >>Chris, >> >>At 11:35 PM 8/18/02 -0500, you wrote: >> >Hi everyone, I was very fortunate this past week-end to find my g-g-g-g >> >grandfather's gravesite in Quasqueton, Iowa. According to Pierce (page >> >241), James Watkins Whitney was buried in this quaint little Iowa >> town. ... >> >>Congratulations on your success! >> >> >I have some photos of the headstone. Whoever is in charge of the WRG >> >website - cemetery section can certainly post it on the website if you let >> >me know how and what format to send them in. I tried attaching them to >> >this e-mail but was turned away by the "rootsweb police". >> >>You have two options. First, you could post the photograph yourself in our >>photograph >>archives by going to <<a href=""></a>;, clicking at >>the top on >>"Add / Modify an Entry", and following the directions. Second, you could >>send the >>photograph to me <mailto:rlward -at-> with explicit instructions >>as to how >>and where you think it should appear in our cemetery archives, which are >>indexed on the >>page <<a href=""></a>;. >> >> >If anyone has any questions about it, I will certainly try to answer >> >them. My line in case your are interested is Chris, Charles D., Dudley >> >D., Charles Lincoln, Samuel D., James Watkins, Fisher, Jason, Mark, >> >Benjamin, John-1 >> >>If you would like your lineage posted on the WRG Lineages page >><<a href=""></a>;, let me know, and I'll >>take care of >>that, too. >> >>Regards, >> >>Robert >> >>Mr. Robert L. Ward >>rlward -at- >><a href=""></a>

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