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From: "Jo Hogle" <jhogle -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Correction Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 22:12:32 -0500 I hate it when I read things over 4 times and later go back and read it again and find a different piece. It appears that Nancy Whitney married the Mr Unknown Fay AFTER the death of Samuel Mayo. John Whitney lists the dates of his sisters' marriages but not the names of their spouses. However, when he noted the deaths of his sisters, he gave married names. So Sally Whitney was listed as Sally Whitney Mayo. Nancy however was listed as Nancy Whitney Fay. I still have no idea who Mr Fay was and when he married Nancy Whitney Mayo, nor do I have a date of death for Samuel Mayo. So if someone can look at the Warwick VRs I would appreciate it. But all of this is making sense bit by bit. Jo Hogle JHogle -at-

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