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From: Whitney Keen <wkeen -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] DNA Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 10:29:33 -0400 References: <D849C991-D253-11D6-92A6-00039378D916@att. net> R R Kyser wrote: > On Friday, September 27, 2002, at 12:48 PM, Sally Towns wrote: > > In seeing the responses to DNA, I have a question? Maybe it has already > been > answered but don’t remember seeing it. Is there a test to match DNA Father > to daughter or Mother to son?? > > > > > Y-chromosome analysis is limited to males and the male line, for obvious > reasons (except perhaps in cases of hermaphrodism). Sons get their > mtDNA from their mothers, so they can be "matched", but beyond mom it's > strictly the female line. > > That relatives are made of the same stuff cuts both ways. The recent > Hemings case proved Jefferson descent, but still left about two dozen > suspects. Daniel Boone is supposed to have returned from a year's > absence to see his wife give birth to his brother's child. If this is > true, Y-analysis wouldn't be too edifying here. (If our family rumor > that the early Kysers knew these Boones is correct, I'm not so sure I'd > want to take this test myself...) > > Whitney Hite's experience is encouraging. If this can work in West > Virginia, it can work anywhere, don'tcha think? (My sister's in WV and > I tease her all the time.) > > Whitney Keen brought up the point I made last year about tracing the Y > to the Wye, and his figure of 14.5 generations is intruguing. What pray > tell is a .5 generation? New Englanders were hanged for that sort of > thing! > > Cheers, > Ron Kyser > > > hello Ron: Since we are talking statistically, the half generation is OK -- maybe it is 5th month of pregnancy??? Actually, I think it represents some statistical length of time, like 12 years. I got my figures from the DNA site's newsletter, for what it's worth. Just for the record, I am female, and therefore cannot participate in the Y dna analysis. The Whitneys in my family are from my mother, her mother, her mother, her mother but then it's male. I would love to see if ther male Whitney's can track back to England, and where in England. It would not totally surprise me to learn that the London branch was an offshoot of the Wye group. People moved around back in the Middle Ages, a lot more than most of us would have thought. -- Sincerely, M. Whitney Keen President Repeat-O-Type Manufacturing Corp. 665 State Highway 23 Wayne, NJ 07470 973-696-3330

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