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From: ALLAGREEN -at- Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Re: Job Whitney Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 13:16:40 EDT Dear Karen: I am including your recent message to me, so Jan Whitaker will understand where all this came from. AEG Dear Allan In 1999 you wrote the following reply about "Job Whitney", ***** >Dear "Phystch" >There is one "possibility" in the database, the Job Whitney who was the son of >Capt. Benjamin Whitney. Capt. Whitney has a tenuous connection to VT through >his Revolutionary War service, and one of his other sons, Newhall Whitney, was >in the lumber business in VT and Canada, and died in VT. >I would be interested in the take of Jan Whitaker on this question, as I think >she is responsible for the limited data we do have on this family. >Allan E. Green My questions to you are, Who is Jan Whitaker? How can I reach him/her? Why do you think he/she is responsible for the limited data on this family? I am trying to research my husbands tree and have gotten up to Job & Sylvia "Delano" Whitney. I have Sylvia's family but can't find anymore on Job. More questions, -- Is Job's full name Egbert Job Whitney? Or is it Jobidiah Whitney? Thanks for any info you can send me. Karen **************************************** Karen: Jan Whitaker is one of the early members of the Whitney Research Group, dating back to its origin ca 1995. She is responsible for much of what is known about VT Whitneys because she is descended from Whitneys who lived in VT and is the one among us who has spent the most time digging through VT records, looking for Whitney information. I am copying this response to her, to give her the opportunity to contact you. I would caution you that you need to be careful to distinguish which Job Whitney in this extended family you are referring to. There were three. The earliest was the Job Whitney born 22 Oct 1729, last son of the marriage of Benjamin and Sarah Barrett Whitney (Sarah died soon thereafter, the following February, and Benjamin, with many small children remarried fairly soon to Abigail Bridge). This Job is shown in the db as having died 13 Jun 1761, unmarried, although this death does not appear in the Marlborough Vital Records. This Job's older brother, Solomon Whitney (b. 20 Dec 1721), married Elizabeth Smith on 5 Oct 1749 and had a son (third child) whom he named Job, b. 25 Jun 1755 in Petersham, Worcester, MA. There is no record in the Petersham VR of his marriage or death. Finally, Solomon had another son named Benjamin Whitney (b. 10 Jun 1753), who also had a son named Job, who would have been born ca 1790. This latter Job may be the one you are searching for, since nothing further is known about him. You may have told me in your first letter, back in 1999, but I don't know the time frame for the Job who married Sylvia Delano, and who appears in your (husband's) line of ancestry. The father here, Benjamin, IS the Capt. Benjamin Whitney I referred to in my first response, back in 1999, and IS the father of a Newhall Whitney that was in the lumber business in Canada. I hope that Jan will be able to expand on what I have written above. Good luck in your searches. Allan E. Green

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