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From: Whitney Keen <wkeen -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Re: Interested so far Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 18:43:15 -0400 References: <v01540b00b9bf639a804b@[]> Hello everyone: I have emailed Bennett Greenspan, who is the president of which does Ydna and mtdna testing. They have a program called "Surname Project" which they host. It is password protected, I believe. We need to come up with 6 people willing to participate who have an uninterrupted male line from either John1 or Henry1, because we actually know quite a lot about those lines and can confirm the descent. I would be willing to be a Group Administrator for this if people want me to. We are way ahead of most projects becaue we already have a web site and a great many potential participants. We also have a lot of good genealogical researach to proof against. He says that the price for the 12 marker Y chromosome test is $99, and once there have been some matches, two individuals who match 11/12 or 12/12 could, for $90 additional, do the 25 marker test, which will reduce the time frame for the Most Recent Common Ancestor. There has been a lot of info in the site already about these tests, which are I think the same ones Whitney Hite took. It may be that he doesn't need to do it again, since his dna is already on file. If the rest of you would like me to pursue this, I will go on the ftdna site and learn what I have to do to set up the project, but I know I will need those 6 people to start, especially since we have at least two lines. I think I have to purchase 6 dna kits which I would send to the first 6 participants (hopefully you would reimburse me (-: )) Since I am female, I cannot be one of the participants, but I would be as interested as the rest of you to find out if our two known lines are related, as well as whether some of the unconnected Whitneys are also related. And if we are related to the Whitneys of Whitney-on-Wye. W. WHITNEY wrote: > From: "Whitney & Mary" <woh -at-> > Hi, it appears that I have started quiet a discussion about DNA. I am a male > descendant of James Madison Hite and I took the Y-Chromsome DNA test and it > proved my ancestry to be, as I had researched it, to be correct. I am a > descendant, which I have documented, of John Whitney and Rebecca Blodgett. I > am attempting to prove a connection to either John or Henry. I have several > male Whitney descendants in my line that might take the test, which if they > matched to other proven Whitney lines, would confirm descendency or at worst > eliminate lines and narrow the search. > > From: "Jon Whitney" <ccreview -at-> > Would certainly be willing to consider the project. Would like to see the > parameters, make sure the information is not disseminated beyond our group > and then only within a limited way. There must be parameters already > established. Let me know more. I am descended as follows: John, John, John, > Timothy, Joseph, Palmer, Joseph, Alonzo, Ernest, Kenneth, Jonathan (me). By > the way, I am a newspaper publisher by profession and have owned my own > newspaper for a little more than 35 years (from age 22). Please keep me > posted. > > From: "Sally Towns" <sntowns -at-> > I personally am the first female to break the line of male decendents of > John family- I am the 10th. generation- including John 1. I won’t qualify > for any testing but have a close friend who is from the John line who is a > male direct line. I believe he is also 10th. generation including John, > think he might be very interested in participating, but lets move fast He is > in his late 70’s and not to well. > > I am also obviously interested. > > Bill > > > >

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