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From: ALLAGREEN -at- Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Fw: [MAWORCES] WHITNEY Family #7 Part 1 Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 00:38:57 EST Dear WRG & Others: In the posting on the MAWORCES-L maillist of the Henry Whitney family, under (II) John, the information quoted below is given. The last item in the quoted material is erroneous. The Samuel Whitney who married Anne Laborie is NOT a descendant of Henry Whitney through his son John, but of John(1) Whitney of Watertown, MA, through John(2) and Nathaniel(3) to Samuel(4). See the descent as described on the Whitney Research Group website at: <a href=""></a> > > He married March 17, 1674-5 to Elizabeth SMITH, daughter of Richard > > SMITH. Their children were: (1) John born March 12, 1676-7, married > > Elizabeth FINCH (2) Joseph born March 1, 1678-9, millwright, married > > Hannah HOYT (3) Henry born Feb.21, 1680-1, weaver, married Elizabeth > > OLMSTEAD (4) Elizabeth married Joseph KEELER (5) Richard born April 18, > > 1687, married Hannah DARLING (6) Samuel born 1688, married Ann LABOREE > This Samuel(4) is in my own direct line of descent, and his ancestry has been the subject of a long proof provided by Robert Ward, also in the archives of "" Happy Hunting. Allan E. Green

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