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From: ALLAGREEN -at- Subject: [WHITNEY-L] More gleanings from Western MA CD's Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 00:58:37 EST Dear WRG: I found these to be of interest. I hope they will be of some use. Allan E. Green ************************* HAMPSHIRE CO. (MA) PROBATE ABSTRACTS, 1768-1791 p. 28 Breck Will of Robert Breck (Breek?) of Springfield, being in a low declining state of body wife: Helen - a note due me by Col. Samuel Talcott of Hartford son: Robert - my silver cup with 2 handles, with the Family Arms engraved thereon. son: Daniel, if he still be living and shall return my 3 children: Robert, George, and Lois - the wife of Josiah Whitney of Pomfret, Connecticut, clerk. Exeuctors: my 2 sons Robert and George witnesses: Daniel Lumbard, Abner Smith, Jno. Worthington written 6 October 1783; probated 4 May 1784. 14:190 p. 36 Clapp Division of Estate: Capt. Ezra Clapp of Westfield (widow is deceased) son: Ezra to Molly Emerson; to the heirs of Margaret Shephard, to Dolly Atwater; to the heirs of Lydia Lee, dec'd; to Charlotte Whitney 12 Jan 1785 14: 244 p. 71 Silliman Will of Abigail Silliman, con't: .... sale of my real estate is to be approved by Samuel Stevens of Charlestown, NH; Aaron Whitney of Northfield, Hampshire County, yeoman;........ QUABBIN - THE LOST VALLEY, p. 477. (the page on the screen runs off the right margin and leaves some words either cut off of omitted completely) Frank Whitney was a lifelong resident of Dana and wed Abbie Tho(rne? rnton?), the couple living in the same house in which Mr. Whitney's parents lived. Mr. Whitney was active in town affairs and served for many years as a sele(ctman?) ... a member of Garfield Grange. He and Mrs. Whitney observed their fi(ftieth?) anniversary, June 8, 1931. It is recorded Mr. Whitney also served as assess(or?) of the poor in his town. He died in 1935 at the home of his son, John, in (unreadable)... time he was survived by his wife; his son, John; and three granchildren who .... in Fitchburg.

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