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From: Whitney Keen <wkeen -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] News article on Y Chromosomes Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 11:17:57 -0400 There was an article in the Science Times section of the NY TImes today 5-27-03, that discusses the persistence of the Celtic Y chromosome, similar to the Basque Y chromosome, in Great Britain. The article can be accessed through NY Times on the Web at There are scientific articles and reports about these findings if you are inclined to read them. Science Magazine, Vol 290 (10 Nov 2000) Semino et al "The Genetic Legacy of Paleolithic Homo sapiens sapiens in Extant Eurpopeans: A Y Chromosome Perspective" p.1155-1159 and Proceedings of the National Academy of Science Vol 98 #9 (April 24 2001) Wilson, James et al, "Genetic evidence for different male and female roles during cultural transitions in the British Isles", pp5078-5083. They are VERY learned articles, which are comprehensible only if you have some scientific understanding of genetics or you are a total geek like me and decided to educate yourself about this complex and cutting-edge topic so that you could understand those articles. The Times article is a whole lot easier to read. :-)

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