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From: JOEWHITNEY -at- Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Reunion 2004 Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 01:10:37 EDT I do believe suburban Virginia is a good choice. No slight against suburban Maryland, but not only is it next to D.C., it also offers attractions like the Custis-Lee Mansion, Arlington National Cemetery, Old Town Alexandria, Mount Vernon, Gunston Hall and the Manassas Battlefield (a.k.a Bull Run to you yankee Whitneys). As in Watertown, many hotels large and small have banquet/meeting halls of various size at varying prices. The best bet might be to look for a location reasonably near a Va. Metro stop such as Vienna or Alexandria. The subway can take you to sites all over DC, and you don't have to worry about getting towed. You can actually fly into National (sorry, Reagan National--hey, I'm a local) and get right on the subway stop there. DC loves towing tourists, often even when legally parked. Parking garages can be pretty pricey, and then there's the notorious malfunctioning automated speeding & red-light ticket cameras. Airlie would normally get my vote (it's 8 miles from my house), but I believe it is very expensive. They have their own airstrip, after all. However, it is gorgeous and peaceful. Kind of looks like England--lots of stone walls, etc. Also, it is quite a ways from downtown DC in driving time. We have the second worse traffic in the nation here, with rush hour running from 6am to about 9:30am and 3pm to about 7pm. The weekends sometimes approach day-long rush hours as well. Weekend hours for research (especially on Sunday) are limited at places like the Archives and L.O.C.

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