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From: karl h schwerin <schwerin -at-> Subject: Whitneys in Lambeth Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 09:55:06 -0600 (MDT) Motivated by Robert Ward's excellent analysis of the records pertaining to John Whitney and his ancestors, I'm posting the following information from the Lambeth Church parish (across the Thames from Westminster) where his father Thomas Whitney was resident. The dates here run from 1570-1574 (about 15 years before John (1)'s birth. All of these accounts refer to another John "Whitney" (could he have been an uncle?). The spellings here are exactly as they appear in the text. [Note my comments in an earlier post about the lack of standardized spelling in the 16th century] Since my e-mail program does not accept superscripts some of the abbreviations may appear strange, e.g. wch - which, wth - with, qtrs - quarter's, Md - Made This material is drawn from __Lambeth Churchwardens accounts, 1504-1645__, ed. by Charles Drew. Surrey Record Society, number XL. London: 1940. "Widne" [75 r.] "The Accompte of Robert Mote gent', Will'm Doret and Matthew Allen Churchwardens of the parishe of Lamhithe as well of the yerelie Charges and receites of the saide parishe as also of the sale of certen Copes (large priest's cape - KHS) and vessmentes withe the taking downe of the roode lofte, wch were solde by Comandment of the Reverende Father the busshoppe of winchester, with the Consent and agreement of diverse of the worshipful parishoners, that is to saie Olyver St John Esquire, John marwode gent', Tho Duke gent' Richard Pye, Thomas Bullock Curate Thomas Babes, George Parker and John Widne sidemen, John Cawsten, John Hamonde, Frances Wilmot Roger Jackson Roberte Rundell and James Marler, all wch saide parishoners have subscribed theire names and set to theire markes to the same sale, as apereth upon' the .305. leafe of this booke the xxiiij of Maie 1570 as there more fullie appereth. And the said Churchwardens do accompte from Michelmas in Ao D'ni 1569 unto Michelmas in Anno 1570 That is to saie for one whole yere as Followeth." (p. 99) "widen / Widden" [76r] "The receite of the vessmentes and Copes' solde by Consent of the parishe xxiiijo Maij 1570 as appereth upon' the 305 leafe of this booke First rec' for the scelinge of the roode lofte solde to John widen' iij s. Item for a deske solde to Mr John Marwodexij d. Item ij streamers solde to Richard Pyeij s. iiij d. Item for the border of an olde Cope solde to John Widdenvj d. Item for the borders of the herse Clothe and for the images taken of the Communion Clothes solde to John Hammondeiiij d. " . . . (pp. 100-101) "widne" [80r) "Md that upon' the xvth' daie of October 1570 Robert Mote Will'm Doret and Matthew Allen Churchwardens made there accompte as before is written' for one whole yere ended at Michelmas Last past 1570 and' then there remayned in the Churche boxe in redy money xlix s. x d. (49 shillings, 10 pence - KHS) Item in Mr Olyver St Johns handes for Copes and vessmentes as apereth before iij li. vij s. iiij d. (3 pounds, 7 shillings, 4 pence - KHS) and in Bartons hande for one yeres rente of the Churche Hopes at Michelmas Last past not rec' xiij s. iiij d. Item in Fraunces Wilmot and John Bagshottes Handes v s. and xv d. for the stone solde at the writing herof. And so upon the ende of this accompte there remayned in all dewe to the Churche in redy money and good debtes vj li. xvj s. ix d. (6 pounds, 16 shillings, 9 pence - KHS) wch some wth debtes were delyvered over to the newe Churchwardens whose names ensueth' that is to saie, Will'm Doret Richard' Pye and George Parker in the presence of theis persons followinge Mr John Matchet parson' Mr John Marwode John Hamonde Roberte Rundell Roger Jackson Edmonde Lewes Will'm Tegge Thomas Lewes Will'm Eston' George parker John Fletcher Roberte Ballard' Will'm harpam' Mr Mason Mr Wodward Thomas whithede Thomas Gitten' John Davis John widne."(pp. 106-107) "weden" [87v.] "Md that the viij daye of November 1573 Roberte mote gent' desesed Thomas woodall' and Antonye Vaus Church wardens mad theare accompte as before is wrytten and mad thare accompte for one holle' yeare ended at mychellmas Laste past in the yeare of ouer lorde 1573 and then theare remayned in the churche boxe in redye money xj li. vij s. (ll pounds, 7 shillings - KHS) resteth in mrs Rockes handes for parte of the vestmentes. xx s. Resteth by John Addames for one qters Rentev s. the summe of all' is xij li. xij s. (12 pounds, 12 shillings - KHS) wch summe and dettes weare sett over to the newe Churchewardynes whose names insewe that is to saye Roberte Rundell John Bagshot John flether by the consent of Thomas Bullocke Curatt and other of the paryshe that is to saye frauncis willmote Thomas woodall' william Dorrett James Marler Roger Jacsonne John stearne Edward peryne william' Tegge Robarte Ballard John weden Richard wateres Nicolas Brymstedwth otheres."(pp. 116-117) "Weden" [90 r.] Md than uppon' the xxjth day of Novembar 1574 Robart Rundall' John Bagshott and John fletchar Churchwardens mayd ther Accompt as before ys wryttyn' and ther Remayned in the Church box in Redye mony Twelfe pound Thyrtene shyllynges thre pence Item owing by Mres St. Jones Excecutorsxx s. (3) Item Ryst owyng by John Addams five shyllynges (3) all' whych dettes and Redye mony was delyverd to the new Churchwardens whose names Ensewyth that ys to say Frances Wyllmott, Wyllm' Dorett, and John fletchar by the consent of Mr bullock curatt and others of the parrysh as folowyth (3) Frances Wyllmott (3) John Hammon Rogar Jackson'John starne James Marler.Rogar brymsted. Robart Rundall'John Weden John bagshottRychard Webbe Wyll'm Tegge John dysher John hewse." . . . (3)(3) Struck through.(p. 121) Nothing in these accounts excludes Thomas Whitney from being a member of this parish. The names listed are just those of the principal men of the parish. Thomas might have been too young, or he could have been a member, just not taking an active role in the leadership of the parish. Karl SchwerinSnailMail: Dept. of Anthropology Univ. of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM 87131 e-mail: schwerin -at- Cultural valuable because it is constantly rediscovering the normal. Edward Sapir (1949:151)

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