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From: Ngigi616 -at- Subject: Whitney Research South Carolina/Alabama Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2004 15:27:09 EDT Can anyone help me to identify Isaac L. WHITNEY found on the 1820 Census in St. Matthews Parrish, Orangeburg, South Carolina? He is listed as Head of Household, 26-44, with one other male 16-18, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 26-45, and 12 slaves. His immediate neighbors on this census are John Martin Brandenburg and Frederick Cates. He is not found on the 1810 or 1830 Census Records for SC. A review of land records of his neighbors and correspondence with Ms. Margaret Waters, a wonderful resource for Orangeburg SC History and Land Records, suggest that he lived in the Northern part of Orangeburg County on Buckhead Swamp/ Mabrick or Maverick Creek on the Santee River. Land in this location would probably have been a rice plantation, but I cannot find any record of a land purchase for him. The assumption, at this time, is that he married into a family that already owned the land. I am still searching for other records, but General Sherman left precious little to even think about researching in Orangeburg SC. In 1829, I have documentation of an Isaac L. WHITNEY in Blount County Alabama. I have found several interesting connections from Orangeburg SC searching his known associates and neighbors, but no hard evidence that the Isaac L. WHITNEY in SC is the same man as found in Alabama. Also, documented in this area (within 1/2 mile) of Blount County Alabama is my illusive ggg grandfather, Hiram C.(middle name unknown) WHITNEY. This is as close as I have been able to get to another Whitney in that particular area, in that time frame. There is no documentation, but allied family records, Cherokee Records, and Thompson Family Records suggest that Isaac L. WHITNEY married Betsey (Fields) THOMPSON in the Cherokee Nation ( now Marshall County Alabama) about 1830. Her father was Chief Richard FIELDS of the Texas Cherokee, early emigrants from Alabama. Her first husband was William THOMPSON, son of John THOMPSON and Jennie VANN. Their daughter, Maria WHITNEY, was born about 1831 in Alabama. Betsey WHITNEY'S extensive Alabama properties were valuated in Feb. 1834. Isaac L. WHITNEY is not mentioned anywhere on these records. Betsey WHITNEY left Alabama in March of 1834 as a voluntary emigrant to Arkansas. She is listed as an Old Settler Cherokee. Her baby Isaac S. WHITNEY was born on June 9, 1834 in Ft. Smith Arkansas. His death was recorded on June 10, 1834. Betsey WHITNEY left Alabama with her daughter, Maria Whitney, and 3 others(unknown) in her party. Betsey Whitney survived and remarried a Robert Runyon. Maria WHITNEY married an unknown GORE/GOREE and is found on the 1880 Census of the Illinois District, Indian Territory, Oklahoma. At this time, all this information just serves to beg more questions for me. The main one being is my Hiram C. Whitney the 16-18 year old male found with Isaac L. WHITNEY in South Carolina and and later as an adult in Alabama. I would be grateful for any additional information,suggestions, or clues. Jeanne Neilon

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