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From: "Robert L. Ward" <rlward1 -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Nathaniel Whitney's 2nd wife Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2004 08:02:59 -0400 References: <000a01c4a967$4796b040$> In-Reply-To: <000a01c4a967$4796b040$> All, At 12:37 PM 10/3/04, The Fahrnbruchs wrote: >Did Nathaniel Whitney(3) (John 2, John 1) marry Sarah (Shephard) Goble as >his second wife? > >The reason I'm wondering is I found an estate inventory for Thomas Goble >(20 Apr 1724) where it mentions Thomas Goble's "widow and her present >husband Nathaniel Whitney." The inventory was hard to read so I may have >misread it. [Salt Lake City Family History Center, #0521774, Vol. 18:171, >Probate Records, Middlesex Co., MA 1648-1924] > >I have Nathaniel's first wife, Sarah Hagar, dying 29 Jul 1722. Thomas >Goble died in Concord, MA, 10 Mar 1724, and his widow Sarah having married >Nathaniel Whitney by 20 Apr 1724. > >Sandy Fahrnbruch I'm convinced that Nathaniel-3 WHITNEY did have two wives, both named Sarah, and that the second one was widow Sarah (SHEPARD) GOBLE. Their marriage date, however, was 2 Nov 1724, after the date of the above inventory. See the following web pages pertinent to this matter: <<a href=""></a>;, <<a href=""></a>;, <<a href=""></a>;, <<a href=""></a>;, <<a href=""></a>;. Now your probate record cited above confirms part of what is written there. Thanks for supplying it! Regards, Robert Mr. Robert L. Ward rlward -at- <a href=""></a>

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