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Mailing List Archives > 2004-10-13 02, Harriet Whitney(1841-1910) married Edgar Henry Stiles(1839-1890?) in 1857 at Albany,N.Y., by James E. Whitney, II

From: "James Whitney" <jameswhitney1716 -at-> Subject: Harriet Whitney(1841-1910) married Edgar Henry Stiles(1839-1890?) in 1857 at Albany,N.Y. Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 12:18:44 -0400 Subject: Edgar Henry Stiles and wife Harriet Whitney-Albany co., New York I noticed your STILES family from Albany co., New York. My great Aunt Harriet Whitney married Edgar Henry Stiles and they lived with 3 children,Henry E.,Selden L., and Edgar F. in Albany,New York. Harriet's brother was George H. Whitney. All these families are buried in Waterford Rural cemetery across the river from Cohoes and Troy. Edgar and George were both carpenters. Troy, New York City Directory, 1890 Edgar H. Stiles carpenter 152 Main do. Cohoes and Waterford NY Troy, New York City Directory, 1890 George H. Whitney carpenter house 23 Schuyler Cohoes and Waterford NY Do you have any other info. on these families? Where did you get the date 1857 as their marriage-Edgar and Harriet? Sincerely yours, James E. Whitney,II ---------------------------- Hello, The information I got was copied by an elderly cousin from at least one old family Bible - unfortunately, the list I was given only has the couples' names and their marriage dates on it - nothing further (the Bible may not have any further information in it anyway). I have two transcripts here (despite the file names, I'm not sure if they're both from the same Bible or not) - will attach a scan of each to this letter - don't know if they will be much help to you. If you think this might be the same couple, I will add your information to my database. It's always good to be able to fill in more boxes. We are probably related. My great grandmother, Grace May FERO (1874-1945) was the daughter of Christopher FERO (b. 1825) and Adelia STILES (b. ca. 1830). I have some information on the FERO family, but little on the STILES line other than the family BIBLE list and some grave markers I photographed on a visit to Waterford Rural Cemetery last summer (see the following web page): <a href=""></a> I seem to have several relatives in that cemetery - just not sure yet how the FERO and STILES ones that I found connect onto my family tree. Hope this helps, Roxy Triebel Ancestral Photographs of Upstate New York <a href=""></a> End of correspondance with Stiles relative. -------------------------- Additional data on Stiles Family by James E. Whitney,II Supporting info on Henry E. Stiles Troy, New York City Directory, 1890 Henry E. Stiles carpenter b. 152 Main Cohoes and Waterford NY Worked in his fathers carpenter shop. In 1920 worked with brother Edger. --------------------------------------------------- Supporting info on Selden L. Stiles: Named for Harriett's brother Selden Whitney who died in the Civil War Sept., 1863-just before Selden Stiles was born. Troy, New York City Directory, 1890 Selden L. Stiles printer 39 Remsen house 19 Newark Cohoes and Waterford NY- In 1900 he owned a printing shop. He married Mary Hickenbottom (b. March, 1868 England). Son named Oscar Whitney Stiles (b. 25 Jan., 1887 per WWI draft card) In 1910 he owned a printing shop and worked with son Oscar. In 1930 he was shown as a owner of printer shop. His son worked with him. -------------------------------------------------- Supporting info on Edgar F. Stiles: In 1910 he lived with his brother Henry and widowed mother In 1920 he was married to a Ester (b. 1874-Mi.) Troy Record (Troy, New York) -1944 In 1944 a Earl Stiles was a member of the West Sand Lake Fire dept. Possible son of Edgar. Also listed as president pf the West Sand Lake civic club. Frank R. Stiles-resident Ballston Spa was drafted in the Navy March 6, 194 James Stiles under went draft physical. Stiles Grocery listed as a local landmark. Miss Francis Stiles is chairman of the Victory Gardens dinner committee.

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