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Mailing List Archives > 2004-11-21 03, Re: Sarah Crosby, dau. of Dr. Crosby, by Elaine Haberkamp

From: "Lanie" <laniesue -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Sarah Crosby, dau. of Dr. Crosby Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 10:49:03 -0500 (Eastern Standard Time) References: <> I am planning a trip to the MA archives in Boston, with a long list of things to look up. I'm not sure exactly when, but I willl certainly add the marriage of Jonathan Crosby on 5 August 1718 to that list. I'm planning a weekend visit to my sister in Newport, RI, the week b4 Christmas. Perhaps I can extend my trip by a day and get a day in at the archives. Someone else may be closer (I'm about 115 miles due north of Boston), and be able to check it before I can get to it. Elaine laniesue -at- formerly laniesue2001 -at- -------Original Message------- From: Robert L. Ward Date: 11/20/04 21:37:08 To: WHITNEY-L -at- Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Sarah Crosby, dau. of Dr. Crosby WRG, At 10:53 AM 11/17/04, Ken and Carol Whitney wrote: > I have never seen any genealogical information abouth Sarah Crosby, > other than the notation in the York, Maine Vital Records that she was the > daughter of Dr. Crosby. Interestingly enough, the Imogene Whitney > genealogy says she was born in York, Maine 18 Jan 1723/4, tha daughter of > Dr. Jonathan Crosby. He was born in Rowley, MA 11 Sept 1694, and married > there 5 August 1718. Unfortunately, there seems to be a typographical > error in the genealogy, and the name of his bride is left out. He married > second, 23 October 1729 Mary Dill of York, Maine. Mary Dill's birth is > recorded in the York Vital Records, as is her marrriage to Dr. Jonathan > Crosby. Dr. Crosby was of Dover at the time of the marriage. The LDS Ancestral File says that Sarah was born in Dover, NH. Try the VRs there. > The record of the mariage of Dr. Crosby to Mary Dill in York lends > credence to the scenario put forth in the genealogy. How many Dr. Crosbys > could there have been in York at that time? It is a shame that the birth > date for Sarah has no reference, because it is not recorded in the York > Vital Records. It is also a shame that there is the typo, leaving out the > name of Sarah's mother. > > This sems to me to be a major piece of missing information for people > in the Isaac Whitney line. I am hoping that someone may have easy access > to the Rowley, MA records, and could do a lookup for Dr. Jonathan > Crosby's first marriage in Rowly on 5 August 1718. If not, I'll see what > I can do on my next visit to the DAR. (What I should have done the first > time!!!) The LDS Ancestral File and International Genealogical Index say that her mother was Hannah WICOM (that is, WICKHAM). Regards, Robert Mr. Robert L. Ward rlward -at- <a href=""></a>

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