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From: "Miles Fowler" <mnfowler -at-> Subject: And cotton ginning! Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 12:36:22 -0500 That is spelled "Worcester" and is "properly" pronounced "Woo-stuh" ("oo" as in "woof" NOT as in "Wooster, Ohio"). I grew up in Worcester, and a half-sister (also a Whitney descendant) lives there. My spouse always mispronounces Worcester, and I think that is because she doesn't get it, although I sometimes wonder if she is just needling me. Rose Zella wrote: Apples to Valentines---- I just watched a blurp on TV about Whitney Valentines manufactured in Worchester, Mass. in the 1940's. What a versatile family. Rose Zella Oh yes--Would you Be My Valentine? Certainly! While we are on the subject of Worcester in the 1940s, I happen to be trying to locate a man named Hayward (or Haywood?) who lived at 49 Oxford Street in Worcester, Mass. circa 1945. Does anyone have access to old Criss Cross-type directories? Could you tell me what if anything is available on that address back in the 1940s? I think the closest place to me where I could find old city directories for Massachusetts is the Library of Congress, but I rarely get to D.C. Miles Fowler ________________________________________________________________ Sent via the WebMail system at

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