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From: "Ken and Carol Whitney" <klw1 -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] George H. Whitney Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 08:25:59 -0400 References: <001a01c563e9$347352b0$83022c42@Whitneycomp> <000801c56442$2d4dcde0$84f1da18@D6P1M511> Jan, When I was first reading the file, I also thought he died of tuberculosis because of the use of the term "consumption". However, later in the file were other references to his health, including physician's exams. It was mentioned in them that he had chronic bronchitis, although in those days, who knows whether a definitive diagnosis could be made. Ken Whitney ----- Original Message ----- From: "Jan Whitaker" <js56jw57 -at-> To: "Ken and Carol Whitney" <klw1 -at-> Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2005 7:33 AM Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] George H. Whitney > Great bio on this person Ken. One note..consumption was the common term > for > Tuberculosis for many years, right up to the early 20th century and it was > a > disease that was rampant in rural Maine, where the summers were short and > crops were sometimes sparse. In the long cold winters they had little to > eat. There's a list online showing the deaths in Norway, Maine back in > the > 1800's. It tells a sad tale of the dangers and perils of life in the woods > of Maine. Cheers! Jan Whitaker PS you must get yourself up to Phillips > to see the countryside some day. Our grandson is attending summer camp at > Kawanhee on Webb Lake in Weld..great place for boys, if you have any that > age to send...J > ----- Original Message ----- > From: "Ken and Carol Whitney" <klw1 -at-> > To: <WHITNEY-L -at-> > Sent: Saturday, May 28, 2005 8:56 PM > Subject: [WHITNEY-L] George H. Whitney > > >> WRG: >> >> Below is my extraction of genealogical information from the Civil War >> pension file of George H. Whitney. I did this extraction specifically for >> David Drane Whitney. We both hope that this is his soldier. However, if >> it >> is not, I hope that someone else will benefit from the extraction, and >> will let me know the identity of this soldier. Enjoy! >> >>>From the Civil War Pension File of George H. Whitney >> Private, Co. H., 11th Maine Infantry >> Emma L. Whitney, Widow >> Invalid Applic. # 108552 Cert. #94100 >> Widow Applic. #687395 Cert. #481917 >> National Archives, Washington, D.C. >> >> George H. Whitney enlisted in Co. B, 22nd Maine Infantry on 10 Sept >> 1862 for a term of 9 months. He was quartered at Camp John Pope, Bangor, >> Maine. While at Bangor, on 22 Sept 1862, he was transferred to Co. H, >> 11th >> Maine Infantry for a 3-year enlistment. >> >> On 16 August 1864, George was wounded in the left thigh while in a >> charge upon the enemy's works at Deep Run (or Deep Bottom), Virginia. >> Shortly before the battle at Deep Run, George had contracted a chronic >> cough while on guard duty during bad weather. Disability due to the >> gunshot wound and to chronic bronchitis would plague George the remainder >> of his life. Subsequent to the wound, he was sent to the Beverly U.S. >> General Hospital in New Jersey. He was honorably discharged 6 Oct 1865 in >> Washington, D.C. >> >> Upon his military discharge, George returned to Hudson, Maine, and >> worked with his step-father on the family farm for a year. On 16 August >> 1868, George H. Whitney married Emma L. Holmes at Bangor, Maine. They >> were >> married by George W. Royal. Neither had been previously married. Emma L. >> Holmes was born 17 March 1853 at Hudson, Maine, the daughter of Shephard >> Holmes, born in Parkman, Maine, and a farmer in Hudson. The marriage date >> for George and Emma is also given as 19 August 1869, but there is much >> testimony in the file to the 1868 date, so I believe it to be the >> accurate >> date. They were married by Martin Van Buren Piper, J.P. >> >> George and Emma had two children: Hollis G., born 1874; and Lillian >> R., >> born 1878. After his military discharge in 1865, George lived in Hudson, >> Maine until the fall of 1872, when he moved to Detroit, Somerset Co., >> Maine, where he lived for one year. He returned to Hudson for one year, >> then returned to Detroit, where he lived until 1885. He then moved to >> Palmyra, Maine. The file does not indicate how long he remained there. >> >> According to a physical exam done at age 44 as part of the application >> for pension. George was 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighed 140 pounds. He >> was disabled by the gunshot wound to his thigh, which had been >> gangrenous, >> and by chronic bronchitis and heart disease. His application was filed >> from Detroit, Maine. George died at Pittsfield, Maine 14 November 1898 of >> consumption of the lungs (chronic bronchitis) and heart disease. He was >> 51 >> years, 6 mo., 28 days old (b. 16 Apr 1847). His occupation is listed as >> farmer. >> >> Emma L. (Holmes) Whitney remarried after George's death, and as a >> result, lost George's pension benefit. On 10 March 1905 at Pittsfield, >> Maine, she married Horace Maxim. They were married by Rev. L.W. Coons. >> Both were widowed, and were residents of Pittsfield. Horace Maxim, born >> in >> Palmyra, Maine, was the son of Galen Maxim, a farmer born in Turner, >> Maine. At the time of the marriage, Horace was a 61 year old farmer, and >> Emma was a 50 year old domestic. >> >> Horace Maxim died 17 Sept 1923 at Pittsfield, Maine. After his death, >> Emma applied for reinstatement of George H. Whitney's pension benefits, >> and this was granted 1 October 1923. Her address at that time was RR#1, >> Pittsfield, Somerset Co., Maine. >> >> Ken Whitney >> Silver Spring, MD >> >> >> >

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