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From: "Christopher Branagan" <cbranagan -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Addison Otis Whitney-American Hero-Civil War Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2005 20:47:16 -0400 References: <002101c56ea5$0e978f40$1100000a@slade2> Hi James and all Whitney Researchers, Because the names and some of the dates in the posting below are so similar to my line, I can't resist offering the following information on Maine/Ma./Vermont Whitneys: I am the 10th generation as you can see from my line. (Carolyn, John C., John W., John C., John, Samuel, Benjamin, John, Benjamin, John the immigrant) For about 230 years this family lived in Maine starting with Benjamin, son of John the immigrant, down to John Carlton in the seventh generation. John Carlton's father, John, my g/g-grandfather, was born June1,1808 in Lisbon, Maine and died October 2, 1887 in Methuen, Ma. His first wife was Mary S. Kimball who died April 14, 1843 leaving no children. His second wife was Almira Turner, a descendent of the early Turner settlers of Bridgewater, Ma. I have seen his gravestone in Lisbon with both wives' names on it. Almira was born on February 1, 1818 in Gray, Maine and died November 22, 1902 in Salem, New Hampshire. John and Almira had four children, all boys. They were John Carlton (my great-grandfather) born March 16, 1845, Edward Hayes born Oct 29, 1846 died May 22, 1850, Charles Loring born Sept. 15, 1851 died May 31,1882 and Willard Roscoe born July 12, 1855 died Dec. 28, 1925. In the mid 1870's the family moved from Lisbon, Maine to Methuen, Ma. My great grandfather, John Carlton, was married first to Hattie Abbott, who died about 1880 leaving no children. Grieving her death, Great-grandfather went out West for a while, where among other things he served as a deputy sheriff in California. I have a post card he sent back home telling the family of his intentions to return East. After he returned home (Methuen, Ma.) he met and married Ella Elizabeth Peaslee born Sept 12 1859 , died 1949 Manchester New Hampshire . John Carlton and Ella had five children, the oldest was my grandfather John Willard born 1889. There are some mistakes in the genealogies on the WRG site regarding this family, but because there are so few descendants I have been slow to point them out. I don't know anything about Addison Otis Whitney or if he is related to my line. Hope this is helpful. We are finally getting some real summer weather in Vermont. Highs today were around 85 degrees. from, Carolyn Whitney Branagan ----- Original Message ----- From: "James Whitney" <jameswhitney1716 -at-> To: <WHITNEY-L -at-> Sent: Saturday, June 11, 2005 12:46 PM Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Addison Otis Whitney-American Hero-Civil War >A statue stands in Lowell,Middlesex,Mass. dedicated to Ladd and Whitney, >two > soldiers of the 6th Mass. Volunteer Militia who were killed in the > Baltimore > riots on 19 April, 1861 while marching from the train station to the > Capitol > thru a mob of Southern sympathizers. One of the names on the statue is > Addison Otis Whitney, a young man from Lowell, Middlesex, Mass. > > Recently a document was carried in of an address given in > 1865 > by then Mass. Gov. John A. Andrew on the occasion of the dedication of the > monument to Ladd and Whitney. In this address is revealed the parents of > Addison Otis Whitney, his birthplace and his date of birth. > > > Past postings in WRG mention Addison Whitney and the statue. I would > submit > the following additional data for the record: > > Addison Otis Whitney-born 30 Oct., 1839 in Thorndike,Waldo,Maine. The son > of > John F. Whitney, Jr. > This would make the line (Addison, John, John, Asa, Nathan, Nathaniel, > Benjamin, John). > > John F. Whitney, Jr. was born in 1808 in Thorndike,Waldo,Maine and his > first > wife was Jane B. ? > who was born abt. 1800 in Maine. John's second wife was Almira born 1818 > in > Maine. By these two wives John, Jr. had nine children- dates uncertain: > > Emily J.-1837 > John W.-1838 > Addison Otis-1839 > Mary C.-1842 > Willard R.-1855 > John C.-1845 > Petulia?-1847 > Charles L.-1852 > Hattie E.-1861 > > > > James E. Whitney,II > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

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