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From: R R Kyser <sorryken -at-> Subject: Re: Azel Whitney/ John-7 Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 21:51:48 -0500 In-Reply-To: <> The John-7 that is in Pierce but not in Hallam Whitney & F.E. Weeks's account (to which Robert linked) is also missing from this list of baptisms of the children of (to use their Broome County nicknames) "Judge" Joshua-6 and his brother "General" William: <a href=""></a> Hallam also gives Joshua and William-6 a brother Thomas, but no sister, which disagrees with all other accounts. This page, on which Judge Joshua is #459, unfortunately gives no sources, but does show John-7, and is more up-to-date all around: <a href=""></a> That corrected some of the errors in the two older accounts, but said nothing about military service. Another disagreement between Hallam and Pierce involves just which Joshua served in the 9th Regiment of the Albany County Militia. Hallam says it was Judge Joshua; Pierce says his father Thomas's first cousin "Captain" Joshua: <a href=""></a> (Conveniently, Thomas-5's entry is directly above this one.) "Gen." William was a private in the Claverack battalion. I've always assumed the officer named Joshua was his brother. Are both Hallam and Pierce right? Are there two Joshua Whitneys in the same regiment? Does anyone have a copy of "New York in the Revolution" handy? Cheers, Ron Kyser On Friday, June 10, 2005, at 06:20 PM, Robert L. Ward wrote: > I noticed that Pierce has an Asahel WHITNEY of the right age. See > > <<a href=""></a>;. > That would be Asahel-8 WHITNEY [John-7, Joshua-6, Thomas-5, William-4, > William-3, > Joshua-2, John-1], born 30 Aug 1809. > > On the other hand, Pierce's account of Joshua-6 and Hannah (GREEN) > WHITNEY's > family doesn't agree very well with that in this reference: > <<a href=""></a>;. > In particular, it doesn't give Joshua-6 a son named John. > > It's hard to know who is right, but if Pierce is, then you just might > have the > solution to your problem! I hope these clues can lead you to proof. > > > Regards, > > Robert > > Mr. Robert L. Ward > rlward -at- > <a href=""></a>

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