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Mailing List Archives > 2005-12-12 04, RE: Whitney List/Website/contributors, by Gerald A. 'Gerry' Eberwein

From: Gerakd Eberwein <borderkid -at-> Subject: RE: [WHITNEY-L] Whitney List/Website/contributors Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 23:47:37 -0700 In-Reply-To: <BAY101-DAV1893630ED1762A385DF8DDAF390@phx.gbl> Yes, many of seem to feel the same. Spawned by a spectacular English lineage; Whitney is a great American legacy to be a part of. Successful business operators, Inventors, Scientists, Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians, Founders and builders of cities, Soldiers, Sailors Seamen and Generals, Civic and Religious Leaders; and the "common citizens" who are the weavers of the fabric that holds the communities of this country together. Most of the great accomplishments in this nation seem to have been touched by a Whitney of some degree. This is the wonderful legacy of the Whitney lineage; and all who have the blood of this great family, no matter how small the drop may be, have a reason to be proud of the name. My sincere appreciation to the members of the WRG for all they have done to aid my research. Happy Holidays (Christmas, Hanukah and New Years) to all. May God bless you; and may God bless America. Gerry Eberwein 2131 W Hogan St PO Box 605 Naco AZ 85620 borderkid -at- -----Original Message----- From: Jo Hogle -at- Sent: Monday, December 12, 2005 8:30 PM To: WHITNEY-L -at- Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Whitney List/Website/contributors I read Allan's message to Robert about the incredible work he does for this list and the website and I can not agree more. But Allan, you contribute so much as well. There is nothing better than to read a question one of the two of you has raised, and the other add an opinion, all based on sources and data. I always feel like I am eavesdropping and thrilled to be doing so. We all learn so much from both of you. Recently I have been cleaning out files, trying to organize my paperwork. In doing so I have found things that I need to research further and I find the Whitney website to be absolutely invaluable. It never ceases to amaze me the mass of information and help we can get from that site, and from all who have contributed. Thank you to what IS the best mailing list on the Internet. Makes me very proud to have even watered down Whitney blood in my veins. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Jo Hogle

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