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From: "Ken and Carol Whitney" <klw1 -at-> Subject: David C. Whitney, Lincoln, Maine Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 20:41:50 -0500 Hello Lori, I would like to begin by making a recommendation. I think you should run out and buy a lottery ticket. Your luck is on such a roll, only one ticket will be necessary. While I was waiting for the National Archives to pull the David C. Whitney pension file, I ran over to the D.A.R. Library. I checked out their records for Bowdoinham and Lincoln, Maine. No luck in either place. So, I decided to look over their Maine collection to see if there were any additions that I had not reviewed. I found a volume of vital records for Knox, Waldo Co., Maine. I opened the index, and there were David and Mercy Whitney. Talk about serendipity!! The intention to marry of Mr. David Whitney and Miss Mercy Reed, both of Knox, was recorded 24 February 1826. So, we now know that David C. Whitney's parents both lived in Knox, ME before they were married. At that time, Knox was in Hancock County. Waldo Co. would be split off the next year. The following is an abstract of the material in the pension file of David C. Whitney. You really hit the jackpot. There is much more information than one would expect from an invalid's file. One word of explanation. When you get to the information supplied on the death certificate by David's son Walter, you must remember that information supplied about the past by relatives or friends of the deceased is in many cases inaccurate. In this case, he has the name of his grandmother wrong. However, it may tell us of the close relationship the family had with the Springer family, since Abigail Springer was Walter's great-grandmother. From the Civil War Pension File of David C. Whitney Private, Co. I, 6th Maine Infantry Corporal, Co. C, 1st Maine Veteran Infantry Invalid application # 74897, Certificate #54374 Other #C2577838 National Archives, Washington, D.C. All documents in the pension file refer to the soldier as David C. Whitney except one. This document clearly says David Cathcart Whitney. Also, all documents referring to his birth except one record Lincoln, Penobscot Co., Maine as his place of birth. One document records him born in Canada. In a certificate dated May 22, 1917, David C. Whitney certifies that he lives in Sabula, Jackson Co., Iowa, and has no copy of his family record. He certifies that he was born 23 February 1842 in Lincoln, Penobscot Co., Maine. His parents' names were David and Mercy Whitney. During the summers of 1850 and 1860 he made his home with them in Lincoln. At that time the following siblings lived there with him: Elmira K. Cathcart, Sylvina Wentworth, Simeon Whitney, Hanna Whitney, Caroline Whitney and Isaac Whitney. His mother had died in 1857, and the others named were living in June of 1850 and 1860. In a certificate dated 15 January 1898, David certifies that his wife was Evelyn L. Whitney, and her maiden name was Mills. They were married by Rev. C.E. Springer in Lincoln, Maine on 23 September 1866.He has a marriage certificate, and it is recorded in Lincoln. He had no previous marriages. The following is a list of his children and their dates of birth: Lizzie M., b. 12 June 1867 Carrie, b. 6 December 1869 Maud E., b. 13 September 1871 Minnie A., b. 22 March 1874 Myra M., b. 28 April 1876 George P., b. 7 December 1877 David G., b. 19 June 1880 Walter W., b. 24 October 1882 Joe L., b. 9 January 1885 In another certificate dated 2 January 1915, the same children and dates of birth are listed. At that date Carrie, Maud, Minnie and Myra are all deceased. The rest are living, as is his wife Evelyn. David's wife Evelyn L. Whitney died 7 February 1918. David C. Whitney enrolled in Portland, Maine on 16 May 1861 as a private in Co. I, 6th Maine Regiment, and was mustered in on 15 July 1861 in Portland. He was discharged in the field on 23 December 1863. He immediately reenlisted in Co. C, 1st Maine Veteran Volunteers. He was 5 feet 7 inches tall, had a light complexion, blue eyes, brown hair, and was a laborer at the time of enlistment. After discharge on June 14, 1865 at Patrick Station, Virginia, he lived in Lincoln, Maine until 1869, and then in Sabula, Jackson Co., Iowa until he died. David was severely wounded in battle at Spotsylvania, Virginia on 10 May 1864. He suffered gunshot wounds to both hips and the left leg. He was disabled due to these wounds, which were the reasons for his pension being granted. He was taken prisoner of war on the date of his injury, and was treated in a hospital in Richmond, Virginia, and after exchange at a hospital in Washington, D.C. His death certificate shows that he died in Sabula, Iowa 8 December 1934 at 0430. He died from chronic bronchitis and myocarditis, illnesses which dated from 1933. He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Sabula on 11 December 1934. His son Walter was his executor, and gave the following information on the death certificate: Occupation: farming Date of birth: 23 Feb 1842 Place of birth: Maine, town unknown Father's name: David Whitney, birthplace unknown Mother's name: Merry Springer, birthplace unknown Ken Whitney Silver Spring, MD

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