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From: "Larry" <tracy -at-> Subject: John Whitney Jr. of Maine Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 15:27:22 -0500 WRG, Several weeks ago I posted information on a John Whitney Jr. who appeared at the Maine coastal towns of Lincolnville, Searsmont and Belmont during the mid- 1830's and thereafter. A review of Union, Maine data and the Annals of the Town of Warren by Cyrus Eaton apparently bring this Whitney family out from unknown origins, placing ancestry from Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The unique feature of Eaton's annals is that he began writing in the early 1850's when many principals of his text were still living. Faced with failing eyesight, his daughter continued in that task of documenting people and residents of Warren until the mid-1870's, resulting in a contemporary view of historical facts. Excerpts from the annals and Union town records, in conjunction with the original posting follow for review. It should be mentioned that Eaton's reference to "W." is Warren, Maine, and likewise "Cam." To Camden, Maine. From the Annals of the Town of Warren "WHITNEY, John, b. in Lincoln, Mass., in 1777; came from Union to W. in 1819; m. Lydia Russell; r. W., near Mt. Pleasant; and d. Nov. 6, '51. Their chil. 1, John, (2d,) m. Jane Kiff; r. Centreville, R. I. 2, James, b. Sept. 1, '13; m. Belinda S. (Orff) Day, Feb. 22, '52; r. N. E. Warren. 3, Russell, b. Jan. 1816; m. Henrietta L. McKellar of Cam. Sept. 26, '52; and d. Nov. 22, '59. Jame's chil. 1, Lavina E., b. March 20, 1855; in W. Russell's chil. 1, Lydia J., b. Nov. and d. Dec., 1853; 2, Alden R., b. Feb. 14, 1855; in W." SOURCE: Annals of the Town of Warren, in Knox County, Maine, with the Early History of St. George's, Broad Bay, and the Neighboring Settlements on the Waldo Patent, Cyrus Eaton, Second Edition, Masters & Livermore, Hallowell, 1877. Reproduced in 1968 by the Warren Historical Society, Printed by Courier-Gazette, Inc., 1968 Warren Historical Society From the Vital Records of Union, Maine "John & Lydia Whitny Family Darius Whitny, dau, b. [blank], d. March 17, AD 1809 John Whitny, son, b. Jany 4, AD 1810 James Whitney [sic], son, b. Sept. 1, AD 1813 Russell Whitney, son, b. Jany 7, AD 1816" SOURCE: Vital Records of Union, Maine, Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 46, Marlene A. Groves, Picton Press, Rockport, Maine, 2005 ORIGINAL POSTING TO WRG WRG, Of late the John Whitney Jr. who appears in the 1840 census of Searsmont,Maine became a subject of interest for the sake of identity. He was enumerated with wife, both age 30-40, and a male and female child under the age of 5. Re-reviewing deeds this week assembled with Nancy Metelski about ten years ago, his identity came into focus. Reenforcing documentation came in the way of the Searsmont vital records listing the births of three children, but omitting their parents. The Lincolnville, Maine deeds show his occupation as a cordwainer, his wife as Jane B. Whitney and a brief stay on the shore of Lincolnville (Ducktrap) Harbor. He was apparently given the appelation of "Jr." because the grantor Samuel Austin Whitney, a wealthy merchant of Lincolnville, also had a son John Page Whitney, born 1805, four years John Jr's senior , thus his gaining the distinction of "Jr." [The designation of "Jr." undoubtedly was also the result of his father having the same name] Comparing the Searsmont vital records of three children with the 1850 census enumeration of the John F. Whitney family of Belmont, Maine, a contiguous town, it is again apparent that John Jr. moved from Lincolnville to searsmont (1840) to Belmont, has dropped the "Jr.", now has a middle initial of "F.", is a shoemaker (cordwainer and has a wife Jane B. Whitney. (Ref. Belmont, Maine census of 1850) The following distilation of facts from the Waldo County, Maine deeds related to John Whitney Jr. and a quote from the Searsmont vital records are presented here for validation of findings. It should be further mentioned that Addison O. Whitney has had prior review on the WRG list serve. WALDO COUNTY DEEDS RELATED TO JOHN WHITNEY JR. - GRANTOR/GRANTEE Samuel A. Whitney to John Whitney Jr., yeoman, both of Lincolnville, Maine, land in Lincolnville at Ducktrap Harbour, price $75. Date of deed and acknowledgment November 12, 1835; registered November 14, 1835. Samuel A. Whitney, Esqr. of Lincolnville to John Whitney Jr., cordwainer of Lincolnville, Waldo County, Maine the same parcel as described above, price $75. Date of deed and acknowledgment June 8, 1836; registered July 4, 1836. John Whitney Jr., cordwainer, of Lincolnville, Waldo County, Maine to Samuel A. Whitney, Esq. of Lincolnville, same parcel as above, price $75. Signed by wife Jane B. Whitney giving up right of dower. Date of deed and acknowledgment June 8, 1836; registered July 4, 1836. (apparent Mtg. relinquishment) John Lowe of Belfast, Maine (wife Catherine) to John Whitney Jr of Lincolnville, land in Searsmont, part of lot # 69, price $500. Mentioned as abutters are: Harry Hazeltines and John Keating. Date of deed and acknowledgment August 31, 1835(?); Filed: Sept. 1, 1837. SEARSMONT TOWN RECORDS, THREE WHITNEY CHILDREN, BIRTHS RECORDED WITHOUT PARENTS, PAGE 80 "Emily Jane Whitney Born Aug 14th 1836 John Willard Whitney Do Dec 22nd 1837 Adison Otis Whitney Do Oct 30th 1839" Larry Tracy Jr. Kennebunkport, Maine

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