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From: "Ken and Carol Whitney" <klw1 -at-> Subject: Joseph & Mary Whitney of Oneonta, NY Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 21:54:45 -0500 WRG: Below you will find my extract of material from the War of 1812 pension file of Joseph Whitney and his widow, Mary L. Whitney of Oneonta, NY. I do not know his ancestry, but perhaps someone will recognize them and inform us of his identity. Enjoy! Ken Whitney Silver Spring, MD From the War of 1812 Pension File of Joseph Whitney Private, Captain Alden Partridge's Company, Vermont Militia, US Engineers Soldier's and Widow's Claim Mary L. Whitney, Widow S.O. 10665 S.C. 12238 W.O.29306 W.C.25465 National Archives Building, Washington, D.C. Joseph Whitney's pension application is not extracted here, as the pertinent information and more is contained in the Widow's Claim. Mary L. Whitney's claim for benefits from her husband Joseph Whitney's War of 1812 pension was filed from Delaware County, New York on 9 July 1878. Mary L. Whitney testifies that she is 82 years old, and a resident of Oneonta, Ostego Co., New York. She is the widow of Joseph Whitney, who served as a Private in the company commanded by Captain Alden Partridge in the Vermont Militia in the War of 1812. She testifies that her husband enlisted under Captain Eaton, and was then transferred to Captain Partridge. He enlisted for a term of 18 month, served the 18 months, and was honorably discharged at West Point. Mary describes her husband at the time of his enlistment as 18 or 19 years old, about 5 feet, five inches high, hair dark brown in color, with black eyes. By occupation, he was a farmer. She further states that she was married to Joseph Whitney at Sharon, Windsor Co., VT on 13 June 1816 by David Blanchard, Minister of the Gospel. Her name before marriage was Mary L. Hunter, and this was the first marriage for both parties. Mary further testifies that her husband died at Oneonta, New York on 10 September 1871. She declares that their places of residence since his discharge include Sharon, VT until 1817, then moved to Franklin, New York, where they lived until 1848, then moved to Oneonta, New York, where they have lived ever since. Mary retained J.I. Goodrich, whose office was in Delhi, Delaware Co., NY, to prosecute her claim for pension benefits, and states that her husband applied for and received a land warrant, and that her husband had also received a pension up to September 1871. Her address is Oneonta, Ostego Co., New York. The application was attested by Hartford D. Nelson and William H Whitney. The Widow's Brief in the file adds the following information. Joseph Whitney enetered in Capt. A. Partridge's Co. of Engineer Corps on the 26th December 1812 for 18 months. On the rolls to June 30th 1814. Reported discharged on 26th June 1814. The bounty land claim was No. 69920-160-55 issued. There is a testimony in the file from Rhody S. Hunter concerning the marriage and identity of Mary L. Hunter. Rhody Hunter is a citizen of Sidney Center, Delaware Co., New York. She testifies that she is 84 years old and has been very well acquainted with Mary L. Whitney for 64 years last post. She further says that Mary L. Hunter was legally married to Joseph Whitney at Sharon, VT on 13 June 1816 by David Blanchard, Minister of the Gospel. Both parties were young and unmarried, and there was no legal barrier to the marriage. Mary L. Whitney had lived in her home prior to the marriage, and Joseph used to visit Mary at her home before marriage. They were married at her home, and she made the wedding cake. There is no public record of the marriage. Further testimony states that Joseph and Mary had five children, two of whom are now dead, and three are still alive. The three children are now 61, 59, and 51 years old.

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