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From: "W.G. 'Bill' Whitney" <wwhitney -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Oaths of allegiance in 1600's Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 17:29:01 -0700 References: <BAY112-F279176D63D97BC403EBC8EFBDF0@phx.gbl> In-Reply-To: <BAY112-F279176D63D97BC403EBC8EFBDF0@phx.gbl> Lori Callaway wrote: > In November and December, we were discussing Whitney's that came to > America and why. > > Someone within our group knew and had documentation that our 1st > Whitney here-John, had signed an oath of allegiance to the Church of > England, verifying that he was not a Quaker. > > Who was the author of that ? I cannot find it anywhere. > > Here is why I am looking: Believe it or not, in my genealogy diggings > and other family newsgroups, A group of Whitneys has been newly > excavated or found and added to the group. The submitter of that > group of Whitney's and I have obivously started comparing trees and > finding we have many of the same people ! > > She had mentioned that she 'assumed' that her Whitney's came to > America because of the time period in which they came...late > 1600's. She was shocked to learn that was not the case with all new > colonists to America and wants to learn how to find documents and info > such as oaths of allegiance to the church and king. > > > Thanks, > > Lori Callaway > > > Hello Lori There are several interesting summaries of the laws and documents for the colony at Jamestown at /<a href=""></a> /I 'm sure that the religious that oaths the colonists were made to swear would sound very much like some of the quoted articles attached here. Bill Whitney

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