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From: "Ken and Carol Whitney" <klw1 -at-> Subject: Whitney Fine Maple Furniture Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2006 07:57:24 -0400 WRG I want to thank all who have contributed to the rousing discussion of Whitney Fine Maple Furniture. Much has happened since I posted the inquiry from Beverly Douhan. Beverly and her cousin, whose father worked at the "chair shop" where the furniture was made, realized that the factory was in Ashburnham. A quick look at the 1930 Federal Census for Ashburnham shows quite a few Whitney families, and most of the males say they work at a "chair shop". A telephone call to the librarian at the local Ashburnham library yielded the name W.F. Whitney Chair Factory. The librarian assures me that it was a large operation, and that they made a lot more than chairs. The library has a lot of material on the factory in their collection, and she will send me copies within a month. If you wish to know more about the factory, you can read about it and see it at <a href=""></a> . Click on the word Yesteryear, and then on W.F. Whitney. A story about W.F.'s wife can be found at <a href=""></a> . When I receive the information from the librarian, I will pass on what I can. Until then, thanks a lot for your interest. Perhaps from now on, Googlers looking for Whitney Fine Maple Furniture information will find it right here on the WRG site, where all Whitney information should be found, after all. Ken Whitney Silver Spring, MD

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