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From: "Maureen Cooley" <mary49cooley -at-> Subject: RE: [WHITNEY-L] Rank of leaders Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 20:07:21 -0400 In-Reply-To: <BAY116-F41CC5E44A382EF86F8965D6C40@phx.gbl> Dear WRG and Fellow Listers, There is a website for the Fife and Drum= <a href=""></a> There are many pictures and information at this website. Maureen >From: "Maureen Cooley" <mary49cooley -at-> >To: WHITNEY-L -at- >Subject: RE: [WHITNEY-L] Rank of leaders >Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 19:21:01 -0400 > >Dear WRG and fellow Listers, > > In Massachusettes they have the original Militia Men and the Fife and >Drum. Usually they March in say... The Memorial Day Parades and the Veteran >Parades or the very large Centenial Parades. > Every year they do re-enactments in Arlington, MA. These people who >participate in these activities look and dress like the originals. > >Maureen > > >>From: Mike Poston <poston8 -at-> >>To: WHITNEY-L -at- >>Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Rank of leaders >>Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 08:19:28 -0400 >> >>I think the idea of a training band as a source of Benjamin Whitney's rank >>of lieutenant is a reasonable one. Somewhat earlier (in the 1600s) my >>ancestor John Ayers was captain of his band in Ipswich, Mass. When he >>moved to central Massachusetts he was also elected leader of his band, but >>because there were fewer men, he could only hold the rank of sergeant. >>These distinctions seem relatively trivial today, but at the time >>apparently, they held great importance and the individuals were usually >>referred to by their rank for years after they had active participation in >>the training bands. >> >>Mike Poston >>Rockville, Maryland >> > >_________________________________________________________________ >Dont just search. Find. Check out the new MSN Search! ><a href=""></a> > _________________________________________________________________ Express yourself instantly with MSN Messenger! Download today - it's FREE! <a href=""></a>

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