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From: ALLAGREEN -at- Subject: Haywoods from Gardner Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2006 01:27:31 EDT Dear WRG: On the Worcester County maillist tonight was a list of Heywood births, one of which triggered the "find" for Whitney. I did not find them in Witny18, so thought I'd pick them up and send them to the list -- for whomever they might help. Allan E. Green NEHGS: Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 - Births            1826    HEYWOOD    Calvin, s. Levi and Martha, Sept. 11, 1826.    Birth    Gardner   1829    HEYWOOD    Mary Whitney, d. Levi and Martha, Aug. 27, 1829.   Birth   Gardner   1831    HEYWOOD    Charles, s. Levi and Martha, Nov. 12, 1831.   Birth    Gardner   1834    HEYWOOD    Salon, s. Levi and Martha, Nov. 10, 1834.  Birth    Gardner   1837    HEYWOOD    Hellemn, d. Levi and Martha, March 7, 1837.   Birth    Gardner  

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