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From: "Jeffery Johnson" <jefferytjohnson -at-> Subject: Anne WHITNEY & Adeline MANNING Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 21:35:15 -0500 I have no relation to Anne Whitney nor to Adeline Manning. I do have to request: 1) I am attempting to locate a picture of Anne's gravestone 2) I am also attempting to locate birth and death dates for Adeline Manning. I have feeling she might by chance be buried close to Anne at Mount Auburn Cemetery. Below is a bit of info on Anne and info from 1880 census. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Jeffery Johnson WHITNEY, Anne, sculptor, born in Watertown, Massachusetts, 2 September, 1821.23rd January, 1915 Boston Massachusetts 1880 U.S. Census, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, T9-0554, p. 308B Anne WHITNEY 58 Self F S W MA Occ: Artist FA: NY MO: PA Catherine I. IRELAND 44 Other F S W NY Occ: Teacher FA: NY MO: NY Antoine GARABOLDI 33 Other M M W MA Occ: Servant FA: ITALY MO: ITALY Diana GARABOLDI 32 Other F M W ENG Occ: Servant FA: IRE MO: ITALY Jane MANNING 23 Other F S W IRE Occ: Servant FA: IRE MO: IRE Adeline MANNING 43 Other F S W NY Occ: Artist FA: MA MO: MA Charles GARABOLDI 10 Other M S W MA Occ: At School

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