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From: "Ken Whitney" <ken.whitney -at-> Subject: Uriah Whitney Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2006 21:08:46 -0400 WRG: I thought I would pass on a rather strange occurence I have found in the vital and census records. The published Vital Records of Bowdoin, Maine to 1892 record the birth of Martha T. Whitney to Uriah and Caroline (Tibbets) Whitney on 12 May 1838. It also records the marriage of Martha T. Whitney on 30 April 1865, but the groom's name is omitted. Both of these are private records in the possession of a Mrs. Thomas Whitney (possibly Martha's brother). The 1880 census for Stayton, Marion Co., Oregon records the family of Uriah and Martha T. Whitney. Both are born in Maine: she is 42 (b. 1838)., and he is 46 (b. 1834). He is a retired merchant at age 46! Neither Uriah or Caroline appear in the 1870 census with the name Whitney. Things look awfully suspicious to me. One could conjure up the story that someone has gone to some trouble to hide the real identity of Martha's spouse. Possibly an embarassed family member. One could think that Martha's spouse has adopted the name of her father, and she has maintained her maiden name. And, to be retired at age 46, one may have had a pretty good excuse to remove from the shores of Maine to the shores of Oregon. But then, this is only cynical me. What do you think? Ain't genealogy fun? Ken Whitney Silver Spring, MD

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