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From: Jonathan Whitney <ccreview -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY] at Belleville, Ks. Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 16:56:57 -0500 References: <> In-Reply-To: <> Jerry, Janet and I are third cousins twice removed (if I've figured it correctly.) and I have taken the DNA test. You may have seen Tim Doyle's response to one of earlier postings. Janet's and my lineage joins at Palmer Whitney, then (going back in time) Joseph, Timothy, John (3), John (2) and John (1). i didn't make any connections with any of the names you asked about, although Janet may on her DeWitt and Ide sides. I am related to some Whitneys living in the Pratt and Haviland, KS, area and also in Cherokee, OK. Have you taken the DNA test? Do you know your Whitney lineage? Perhaps I can help you. Jon Whitney Thomson, IL On Sep 17, 2006, at 4:18 PM, Gerald E. Whitney wrote: > Hi Janet Ide, > I must write you out of interest, I was born in Belleville, Ks. > and now > live close to Lincoln, Ne. Can you fill in on some information > about Dewitt > Clinton Ide.Did Jessie and Alvin Thompson live in Republic county > while > DeWitt lived with them? > Are Ida and Dewitt buried in the Belleville Cemetery or a cemetery > close to > Belleville ? Is Alvin Thompson related to anyone in the Republic > Co. area > now? Have any of the male Whitney's of Ida's line taken the DNA-y > test ? > It was most interesting to read your reply to Allen, I'm looking > forward to > hearing from you. > Gerald E.(Jerry) Whitney > Milford, NE > gwhitney -at- > > > -----Original Message----- > From: whitney-bounces -at- > -at- rootsweb.comOn Behalf Of > JanetLynne121 -at- > Sent: Sunday, September 17, 2006 8:35 AM > To: whitney -at- > Subject: Re: [WHITNEY] Milestone for New Web Site > > > Allan, > I am hoping you may have some information about the IDE family > that Ida > G. Whitney married into. Below is my line. Following that are > notes that > my > grandfather George Palmer Ide wrote in his own hand. Ida's father- > in-law, > Harvey Ide, is my ancestral brick wall. I cannot connect Harvey > in Simeon > Ide's genealogy book and researchers in VT have not had any luck, > either. > I enjoy reading all of the e-mails from the Whitney web > ring... it's so > interesting! I would like to edit Ida Whitney's husband, D.C. Ide > (I've > seen > it interpreted as District of Columbia!) to read Dewitt Clinton. > However, > I'm not sure how to make that change on the web site. > Thank you for your time and for any information you may have > on my Ide > family. > Janet Ide Rubertone > > IDA G.9 WHITNEY (LEMUEL PALMER8, PALMER7, JOSEPH6, TIMOTHY5, > JOHN4, JOHN3, > JOHN2, THOMAS1) was born 16 Sep 1854 in Riley, McHenry, Illinois, > and died > 27 > Jul 1910 in Long Beach, Los Angeles, California. She married DEWITT > CLINTON > IDE 07 Jun 1876 in Boone Co., Illinois, son of HARVEY IDE and > SARAH DELAND. > He was born 26 Jul 1854 in Genoa, Dekalb, Illinois, and died 27 > May 1929 in > Belleville, Republic, Kansas. > > Notes for DEWITT CLINTON IDE: > DeWitt Clinton and Ida (Whitney) Ide were married in June 1876 and > had two > children born in Genoa, Illinois: daughter Jessie Myrtle and son > Clarence > DeWitt. Shortly after Clarence's birth in 1885, the family moved > from > Genoa to a > farm three miles east of Belleville, Kansas. It was there that > George > Palmer and Nellie May were born. In March 1910, Ida was in poor > health, so > the > farm was sold and DeWitt, Ida and (possibly) Nellie May (age 10) > moved to > California. Ida died from tuberculosis at Long Beach, California > on July > 27, > 1910. Ida is buried in Belleville, Kansas. After Ida's death, > DeWitt lived > with > his daughter Jessie and son-in-law Alvin Thompson for the > remainder of his > life; excepting a few years spent at a sanatorium in Colorado > Springs. > DeWitt > died on May 27, 1929 and is buried in Belleville, Kansas. > > > ------------------------------- > To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to > WHITNEY-request -at- with the word 'unsubscribe' without > the quotes > in the subject and the body of the message > > > > ------------------------------- > To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to WHITNEY- > request -at- with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes > in the subject and the body of the message >

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