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Mailing List Archives > 2006-09-17 16, Re: Whitney DNA Study - Overview, Status, Analysis,and Next Steps, by H. S. 'Stu' Whitney

From: Stu Whitney <stuwhitney -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY] Whitney DNA Study - Overview, Status, Analysis,and Next Steps Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 23:13:22 -0700 References: <000801c6d853$fc7bba10$> Hello Tim: Here is my lineage: Henry (1), John (2), Nathaniel (3), Eliakim (4), John (5), Peter (6), John (7), George (8), Stuart (9) I was also given the name Harvey, but I hardly ever use it. I am aware of Bill Whitney in Ontario Canada as being another Henry, and that he and I branched off in (4) he with Eliasaph (4) and me with Eliakim (4). Who is the third Henry? I think there is another Henry here in the area where I live. I have not met him yet but it looks like he is (12) and branched off from me with Eliakim (6). If I can contact him I may try to persuade him to join the DNA Project. However, I must say that I have a bit of difficulty with the notion of meeting a total stranger and then suggesting to him that he might like to spend a couple of hundred dollars for this project. I know we cannot expect to have the DNA testing free but I rather suspect that there would be a whole lot more people being tested if it was more affordable. In this connection has any thought been given to asking people to contribute money to a fund to be used for specific tests that the project would really benefit from. I see that you have made an overture in this direction but I am thinking or a more direct appeal telling why the fund is needed and suggesting contributions in the order of $25.00 or so. We have a large number of people in our group , many of whom are interested in the DNA Project. If even a small proportion of them donated a small amount we would have a sizable pool of money. I would never have had my DNA tested without some financial help from Whitney Keen, and much as I would like to see it upgraded and expanded I cannot afford to have that done. I could afford up to $50.00 canadian. So I feel strongly that we should appeal to the whole Whitney 'Family' for financial help for this project. Best wishes with the analyses H.S. (Stu) Whitney, Sooke, BC, Canada ----- Original Message ----- From: "Tim Doyle" <tim -at-> To: <WHITNEY-L -at-> Sent: Thursday, September 14, 2006 4:17 PM Subject: [WHITNEY] Whitney DNA Study - Overview, Status, Analysis,and Next Steps > Whitney DNA Study Overview: > -------------------------- > > * The Whitney DNA Study is designed to allow us to use science to do > the following: > - Determine if the immigrants John, Henry, and Samuel Whitney were > related. > - Assist those who haven't been able to connect to determine which > immigrant they likely descend from. > - Perhaps allow us to capture differences within branches of John > Whitney's descendants allowing those who haven't been able to > connect to determine which branch they likely descend from. > - Perhaps allow us to determine which Whitney families in England > the immigrants are related to. > - Allow study participants to somewhat validate their lineage. > > * DNA is collected with a cheek swab - no blood is taken (in case you > fear needles like I do). > > * The study examines information on the Y Chromosome, so the person > being tested must be male, and must be a direct male descendant of > a Whitney. > > * The study does NOT capture all of your DNA. Only specific areas are > examined. > - The test basically looks at "junk DNA" areas that researchers have > noticed tend to repeat a sequence over and over. The number of > repeats can sometimes change, so one person might have 17 repeats > at a given site while other people have 16 or 18 repeats. These > are the numbers you see in your test results. > > * The Whitney DNA Study is being led by Whitney Keen, who is doing an > excellent job! Thank you Whitney!! > > > Status: > ------ > > * About 35 individuals have taken the DNA test and are participating > in the Whitney DNA Study. > - Twenty-six descendants of immigrant John Whitney > - Three descendants of immigrant Henry Whitney > - One descendant of immigrant Samuel Whitney > - and five others > > * We have identified standard marker sequences for John Whitney, Henry > Whitney, and Samuel Whitney. > - Having these standard values allows us to determine which line > people most likely descend from. If you haven't connected to an > immigrant yet, taking the test will allow us to tell you which > one you most likely descend from. > > > Analysis: > -------- > > Here's what we've learned so far..... > > * John Whitney and Henry Whitney were not related. > > * John Whitney and Samuel Whitney were not related. > > * Henry Whitney and Samuel Whitney were possibly related. We need > Samuel Whitney's descendant to expand their search results to > make a more definitive conclusion. > > * John, Henry, and Samuel Whitney were all descended from the "R1b > Haplogroup" > - The R1B Haplogroup is believed to have been widespread in Europe > before the last Ice Age, and associated with the Aurignacian > culture of the Cro-Magnon people, the first modern humans to enter > Europe. As the ice age intensified and the European continent > became less inhabitable, this group is believed to have taken > refuge in present day southern France and northern Spain. As the > ice age receeded about 12,000 years ago, this group migrated north > and recolonized Western Europe. > > * Several WRG members who have not yet linked themselves back to an > immigrant ancestor can be shown to be almost certainly descended > from John Whitney. > > * One person who descends from a recent English line has results > intriguingly similar to John Whitney's line - is this person > descended from one of John's brothers, uncles, or cousins? > > * Four people in the study appear not to be descended from John, > Henry, or Samuel Whitney. This could be the result of descent > from a new and less well-known Whitney branch, an unrecorded > adoption event in the past, or (how can I be politically correct > here...) a less than faithful wife somewhere along the lineage. > > * One person in the study appears not to be descended from John > or Samuel, but possibly descended from Henry Whitney. > > * It appears that Leonard Albert Whitney and Gerald Earl Whitney are > closely related. Since Gerald has apparently not traced his line > back to John Whitney yet, he could benefit from reviewing Leonard's > ancestry. > > > Next Steps: > ---------- > > * We need more descendants of Henry Whitney to join the study. > > * We need more descendants of Samuel Whitney to join the study. > > * We need the participant who descends from Samuel Whitney to > expand his test from 12 markers to as many as possible (37 > or 67). See below for prices. > > * We need all current participants to consider expanding their test > results. See below for prices. > > * We need all current participants to email me your lineage as far > back as you have it. This will allow us to expand our data > analysis and be better prepared to assist others. > > * We need more people who are from England or whose Whitney ancestors > came from England more recently than the 3 big immigrants. > > > How to Participate: > ------------------ > > * If you are male and are descended from a Whitney all the way back > through the male line, please consider joining the project. > > * If you are female, or if you descend from a daughter of a Whitney, > look through your tree to find a male Whitney descendant who can be > tested instead. > > * If you would like to help financially, we have a number of tests > that we have determined to be high priority for our combined > understanding of our Whitney lines. Many people cannot afford to do > these tests, so if you can, please consider helping financially. > Contact me if you are interested. > > * How much does it cost? > - 12 Marker test (bare minimum): $149 > - 37 Marker test (better): $259 > - 67 Marker test (best): $349 > - 12 Marker to 37 Marker upgrade: $109 > - 12 Marker to 67 Marker upgrade: $199 > - 37 Marker to 67 Marker upgrade: $109 > > Please feel free to send any questions or comments to me. If you have > participated in the study, please send me your name (and the name of the > person who you had tested, if not you) and send me your lineage as far > back > as you know it, and I will send you a personal description of your results > and what they mean. > > Thank you! > > Tim Doyle > Whitney Research Group Website Co-Host > <a href=""></a> > > > > ------------------------------- > To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to > WHITNEY-request -at- with the word 'unsubscribe' without the > quotes in the subject and the body of the message

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