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From: Jerry Glass <oneglass44 -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY] VT. Whitney's Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 19:16:22 -0700 (PDT) Reading these post on the Whitney's in VT. I'm hoping one of you can help. I have been looking for Elijah Whitney in or around Rutland co., VT. Checking the 1790 Census for the Whitney's in VT. I found the following. Rutland co.VT. Whitney, David pg. 38 Whitney, Bart pg. 38 Whitney, Elijah pg. 38 Whitney, Micah pg. 44 Whitney, Oliver pg. 38 Whitney, Silas pg. 38 Whitney, Silas jr. pg. 38 Whitney, Solomon pg. 44 I saw that David, Bart, Oliver, Silas and Solomon are related. Can anyone tell me where Elijah, Micah, and Silas jr. fits into this family. The only thing I know about Elijah Whitney is he had a daughter named Roxana Whitney b. October 1799 in Rutland co., VT. He had other children but until I can locate him I can't continue with his family. According to a bio on Roxana's husband Doddridge Paul, her family moved to Ohio when she was very young. But (there that but is again) I can not find any trail of Elijah ever moving there. Also the bio said his wife was Anna Butler. I have absolutely no proof of that. I'm not sure how correct the bio was. If anyone could help me with my Elijah Whitney I would really appreciate it. I have been stuck for years. Thank you Jerry Glass --------------------------------- Get your email and more, right on the new

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