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From: "Tim Doyle" <tim -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY] Volunteer Typist Needed Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 09:40:01 -0600 In-Reply-To: <> Lois: Unfortunately, they're already taken. One other thing that you could do to help would be to proofread what others have done. There are two ways you could help with this: 1. Go down each page and make sure that the contents on the site match up with the correct page in the PDF. It could be possible that someone transcribed the wrong page. This should be a fairly quick scan - just review the top line or two of each page to make sure that it matches the PDF. 2. Proofread line by line through the document, looking for typos, omissions, etc. This would be more time consuming, so I wouldn't expect you or anyone else to do the entire document. If you'd like to try this, just let me know which pages. If any of the other transcribers write back indicating that they can't do it at this time, I'll let the group know. Thanks! Tim -----Original Message----- From: whitney-bounces -at- -at- On Behalf Of Abl0nd2nd -at- Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2006 9:33 AM To: whitney -at- Subject: Re: [WHITNEY] Volunteer Typist Needed Tim, I have some time now to do pages 76,77 and 78, if still needed. Lois ------------------------------- To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to WHITNEY-request -at- with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message

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