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From: "Tim Doyle" <tim -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY] Whitney - various sources Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 15:19:02 -0600 In-Reply-To: <> Thank you for transcribing and sending this in! Keep in mind that the Whitney lineage listed at the beginning there is incorrect. Thomas Whitney was _not_ the son of Robert Whitney and Elizabeth Guillims as has been widely reported. See the WRG website for further details. I know you were just accurately transcribing the source, but I want to make sure everyone who received this knew that this had been disproven. Thanks again! Tim -----Original Message----- From: whitney-bounces -at- -at- On Behalf Of Farns10th -at- Sent: Saturday, January 20, 2007 3:15 PM To: whitney -at- Subject: [WHITNEY] Whitney - various sources WHITNEY The following information is from the Farnsworth Memorial: p.416 Whitney - England to Massachusetts Sir Robert Whitney ca l440 m. Constance Touchet James Whitney b. ca l465 m. Blanche Melbourne Robert Whitney b. ca l49l m. Margaret Wye Sir Robert Whitney b. ca l5l7 m. Sybil Basker- ville. Robert Whitney b. ca l543 m. Elizabeth Guillims Thomas Whitney b. ca l563 m. Mary Bray John Whitney b. l589 m. Ellen___ John Whitney b. l620 m. Ruth Reynolds Ruth Whitney b. l645 m. John Shattuck, MA. Ruth Shattuck b. 1668 m. Jonathan Farnsworth of Groton MA. *********** Matthias Farnsworth, Jr/Sarah Nutting Line p.42 Elizabeth Whitney b. l686 dau of Joshua Whitney and Abigail (Tarball) Whitney of Watertown, MA m. l707 Ebenezer Farnsworth b. l684 at Groton MA son of Matthias Farnsworth Jr. and Sarah Nutting Elizabeth and Ebenezer had eight Farnsworth children listed p. 43, 44 and 45. p.69 Lydia Whitney b. l792 at Harvard MA dau of Enoch Whitney and Hannah Whitney m. 18l0 Samuel Farnsworth b. l788 d. 1846 at Harvard MA son of Ebenezer Farnsworth and Martha (Hale) Farnsworth of Littleton, N.H. p.90 Minnie A. Whitney b. l867 d. 1924 m. 1888 James N. Waite b. 1858 at Weston Vt. son of Nelson Loren Waite and Sarah (Miles) Waite. They had four children listed p. 90 p.9l Charles Whitney m. Lydia Farnsworth b. l838 at Groton, MA dau of Thomas Farnsworth and wife, Lucy Brigham Rice Farnsworth of Groton, MA. p.92 Fred P. Whitney of Nashua N.H. m. l888 Flora Farnsworth McKean of Nashua NH dau of Ezra Farnsworth and his 2d wife, Clorinda (Stickney) Farnsworth, of Brookline, N.H. Benjamin Farnsworth/Mary Prescott Line p.204 Mary Whitney m. Ephraim Pierce. Abigail Pierce their daughter b. l7l0 m. l733 at Concord MA Ezra Farnsworth b. l703 She was his 2d wife. His lst wife was Elizabeth Lakin b. l705 dau. of Joseph Lakin. Ezra Farnsworth was son of Benjamin Farnsworth and wife, Mary (Prescott) of Groton Ma. p.2l5 Abigail Whitney b. l740 dau of Joseph Whitney and Abigail (Nutting) of Groton MA m. l759 at Pepperell MA Zaccheus Farnsworth b. l729 at Groton, MA son of Aaron Farnsworth and Hannah (Barron) Farnsworth of Groton, MA Their child- are listed p. 229 and p. 230. p.2l8 Relief Whitney b. l773 m. l803 Asa Tarball b. l772 at Watertown, MA. son of John Tarball and Hannah (Farnsworth) of Watertown, MA. p.223 Benjamin Whitney b. (see Barry's Framingham) m. (1) Mary Turner m. (2) Anna_____ m. (3) Olive Farnsworth b. l753 at Pepperell MA dau of Deacon Isaac Farnsworth and Anna Green of Groton, MA. p.223 ____Whitney of Pepperell MA m. Lydia Tarball dau of Thomas Tarball and Molly (Farnsworth) of Groton MA. p.259 Lydia Whitney m. l8l3 James Locke, Jr. b. l790 son of James Locke and Susanna (Kimball) Locke of Thetford, Vt. They moved to Wellsboro Pa and had twelve children not listed. p.294 Ellen Jane Whitney b. l853 at Jonesboro, ME. m. l87l Levi Farnsworth b. l847 at Jonesboro son of Daniel Farnsworth and Rebecca (Norton) Noyes of Jonesboro, ME. l. Harriet Farnsworth b. l877 at Bangor ME m. Albert Allen (two other children unnamed) p.3l3 Charles Whitney m. l90l Minnie Farnsworth b.l882 daug of Lorenzo Farnsworth and Eliza (Holmstead) of New Hartford, Iowa. Samuel Farnsworth/Mary (Whitcomb) Willard Farnsworth line p.388 John Whitney b. l89l at Traverse City MI m. l889 Zelpha Martin b. l866 at Williams Center, Ohio dau of Jason Martin and Eliza (Farnsworth) of Williams Center, Ohio. p.409 Geraldine Whitney dau of Leo Whitney aand Sofia (Bond) m. l952 at Santa Barbara, CA Milo Taylor b. l926 at Martin, MI son of Milo Taylor and Zelpha Martin. Jonathan Farnsworth/Ruth Shattuck Line p.415 Jonathan Farnsworth b. June 1, 1675 at Groton, Mass. in an exceedingly troubled time. Within 3 weeks of his birth, King Phillips War broke out which 1st battle was fought at Swanzey, Mass. on June 20, 1675. On Mar 2, 1676, the savages attacked Groton, burned nearly every dwelling house in the town and all the inhabitants fled for safety to Concord, Mass. When the family returned to Groton they rebuilt the homestead. Some years later the Indians again fell upon the exposed settlement. Thus all his early life was spent amid perils and privations. His father, Matthias Farnsworth died when Jonathan was 13 years of age. He m. in 1698, Ruth Shattuck, the dau of John Shattuck and his wife, Ruth Whitney of Watertown. Ruth Shattuck was born June 24, 1678. They had fifteen children. They were dismissed from the church of Groton and laid the foundation of the Church at Harvard, Mass, in Sept. of 1733. Note: John Whitney, Jr. & his wife Ruth Reynolds of Watertown Source: History of Watertown by Bond p.643 John Whitney Jr. was adm. freeman May 26, 1647 when aged 23; he was Selectman 1673, 1674, 1675, 1676, 1678 and 1679. He m. Ruth, the dau. of Robert Reynolds of Boston. Their children: 1. John Whitney b. Sept 17, 1642; (?) of Roxbury; adm. freeman May 7, 1684. Author's note: Was he the one who m. Sarah, dau of Richard Haven of Lynn, Mass.? 2. Ruth Whitney b. April 15, 1645; m. (1) June 20, 1664, John Shattuck; 4 child. He was drowned Sept 14, 1675 and she m. (2) in Watertown, Mar 6 1676/7, Enoch Lawrence, son of John Lawrence; 4 child. Her descendants are very numerous. 3. Nathaniel Whitney b. Feb 1, 1646/7; died at Weston Jan 7, 1732/3 4. Samuel Whitney b. July 28, 1648; m. Feb 16, 1683/4, Mary Bemis (3 child.) 5. Mary Whitney b. April 29, 1650; was unm. in 1693. 6. Joseph Whitney b. Jan 15, 1651/2; d. Nov 4, 1702. 7. Sarah Whitney b. Mar 17, 1653/4; m. Oct 18, 1681, Daniel Harrington. 8. Elizabeth Whitney b. June 9, 1656; m. Dec 19, 1678, Daniel Warren. 9. Hannah Whitney b.....was unm. in 1693. 10. Benjamin Whitney b. June 28, 1660. Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth p.4l9 Phineas Whitney b. l747 (descended from John Whitney (p.4l6) m. Keziah Farnsworth b. l742 dau of Phineas Farnsworth and Azubah (Burt) of Harvard MA Their children: l. Mary Whitney b. l766 at Waterford MA m. Richard Bryant 2. Esther Whitney bp l768 m. Edmund Wentworth 3. Sarah Whitney bp l770 4. Child b. l772 d. l776 5. Jonathan Whitney bp l774 6. Relief Whitney bp l780 7. Oliver Whitney bp l78l p.458 Moses Whitney m. Charlotte Farnsworth b. l820 at South Carolina dau of Horatio Farnsworth and Ruth (Woodruff) of S.C. p.523 Frank E. Whitney b. l9l3 m. l948 Athalia V. Burns b. l920 at Sevier, Utah dau of Robert Baxter Burns b.l888 at Cinncinnati, Ohio and wife, Florence (Shelton) of Joseph City, Utah. Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth Dr. Samuel Green's book, "Epitaphs from the Old Burial Grounds, Groton MA" p.1 Tombstone (Death's Head) Here Lyes the Body of Mrs. Lydia Whitney, Wife to Mr. William Whitney: Aged 42 Years: Deceased the 24th of August, l7l6. p.3 Tombstone (Death's Head) Here Lyes the Body of Mr. Joshua Whitney Aged 83 years Dec'd August 7th, l7l9. Author's note: The son of John and Elinor Whitney, b. July l5, l635, at Watertown, MA. p.40 Tombstone Memento mori (Death's Head) Here lies the Body of Mrs. Prudence Whitney ye wife of Mr. Shadrach Whitney who departed this Life Dec. 25th A.D. l762 in the 68th year of her Age. Author's note: Her maiden name was Lawrence; she was married January 5, l73l/2. p.43 Tombstone Mememto mori (Death's Head) Here lies the Body of Mr. Shaderah Whitney who depart- ed this Life August the 8th A.D. l764 in the 67th Year of his Age. "From death Arrest no Age is free". Author's note: He made his will a few weeks before his death, and bequeathed to the town the sum of f 40, the income to be applied to the support of the minister. His wife died Dec. 25, l762; they probably had no children. __________________________________________________ Surname: WHITNEY Source: Historical Sketch of Groton, MA by Dr. Sam- ual Green p.89 The Reverend Frank Curtis Whitney was the tenth minister of Groton, MA and settled over the church from August l, l884 to October l, l889. When he left the society he went to Minnesota. ____________________________________________________ Surname: WHITNEY Source: Prescott Memorial John Prescott/Mary Platts Line, Lancaster, MA p.l04 Lucy Hildreth b. Jan l8, l764 dau of Zachariah Hildreth and wife, Elizabeth Prescott. Lucy Hildreth m. Dec. l7, l786 William Whitney of West- ford, MA. p.l72 Elizabeth Worster Baldwin b. Aug 8, l824 dau of Hon. Roger S. Balwin and wife Emily Perkins of New Haven. Elizabeth Worster Baldwin m. Aug. l856 Prof. William D. Whitney of Yale College; Res: New Haven (see p. 2l6 for their children) p.2l6 Prof. William D. Whitney and wife Elizabeth W. Baldwin of New Haven had issue: 1. Edward Baldwin Whitney b. Aug l6, l857. 2. Williston Dwight Whitney b. Feb. l859 d. March l86l. 3. Micah Parker Whitney b. Feb 6, l86l. 4. Roger Sherman Whitney b. Jan 6, l863. James Prescott Line (Hampton, NH) p.372 Louisa Prescott b. Aug 20, l83l dau of Adonijah Prescott and wife, Lovina Crowell. Louisa Prescott m. Isaac F. Whitney of Chesterville, NH on July 3, l849. One child: Edgar O. Whitney b. June 2l, l853. p.382 George Crampton Prescott b. Dec. 27,l828 son of John Prescott and wife, Rhoda Marrow of Phillips, ME. All children born at Phillips, ME. George Crampton Prescott m. Mar. 29, l860 Naomi Whitney of Phillips, ME. He was a farmer; one child, George Albert Prescott b. Aug. l9, l864. He enlisted Sept l, l864 in the 5th battery of Maine vol's, G. Y. Stevens captain, and served to the close of the war and was mustered out and honorably discharged July 6, l865. The battery being kept in the Shenandoah valley to guard that section against any incursion of the rebel forces, it was not called into any severe battles, but did essential service by its prestige in preventing rebel raids and depredations. p.445 Elizabeth Prescott b. Dec. ll, l829 dau of Jonathan C. Prescott and his wife, Mary Foot of Danvers, Elizabeth Prescott m. Oct 20, l850 William Whitney b. Jan l4, l830 and d. Aug 6, l867 at Cambridgeport, MA. (See p. 564 for their children) p.564 William Whitney and his wife, Elizabeth Prescott had issue: 1. Sarah Whitney b. May l85l. 2. Ida L. Whitney b. March l854 and d. l864. 3. Frank Whitney b. Oct l858 d. Sept. l860. p.448 Mary Olivia Prescott b. April 29, l824 dau of Robert S. Prescott and his wife, Almira Melcher of Hampton Falls, NH. Mary Olivia Prescott m. Sept. 24, l847 Amos Fabens Whitney son of Amos and Sarah (Gordon) Whitney of Liverpool, ENG. He b. at Portland, ME Aug 23, l820. He was a tanner. Res: Kingston, NH. (one child) ________________________________________________ Transcribed by Janice Farnsworth 4/25/98 ------------------------------- To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to WHITNEY-request -at- with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message

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