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From: "Ken Whitney" <ken.whitney -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY] Thomas "Clinton" Whitney Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 20:49:55 -0500 WRG: For some time there has been some discussion and research conducted among a few researchers of Whitney families in Maine concerning the ancestry of Thomas C. Whitney of Clinton Gore, Kennebec County, Maine. In some databases he is called Thomas Clinton Whitney, and his parents are attributed as Ebenezer and Mehitable (Robinson) Whitney of Litchfield, Kennebec Co., Maine. To some of us, this does not quite square with the vital records of Litchfield, nor with at least one published secondary source. We have come to a conclusion about this controversy. I will present the evidence, and invite comment from other WRG members with their thoughts on the matter. The vital records of Litchfield, Maine contain the births in the family of Ebenezer and Mehitable Whitney. Recorded there is the birth to them of Thomas Emmons Whitney on 30 April 1810. This record is found on LDS Film 0011329. Supplementary to this record, but clouding the issue, is a record taken from "The Early Settlers of Litchfield, Maine." This source also lists the births of the children of Ebenezer and Mehitable. Of their son Thomas it says: "Thomas E., b. February 8, 1810. Married Hepzibah Brown". This record then would link Thomas E. (Emmons) Whitney to Hepzibah Brown. However, it varies from the vital records concerning the date of his birth. It is believed that this author got Thomas' date of birth from a private record. The vital records of Clinton, Kennebec Co., Maine contain a record of the marriage of Thomas C. Whitney of Clinton Gore to Hepsebeth Brown of Clinton. The intention of their marriage was published there on 3 September 1836. They were married there on 17 December 1836. The Civil War pension file of Thomas C. Whitney, son of Thomas C. and Hepsebeth (Brown) Whitney is posted on the WRG web site. The file contains a marriage certificate from Clinton, Maine for Thomas' parents, Thomas C. and Hepsebeth (Brown) Whitney. The file also contains a death certificate for Thomas C., husband of Hepsebeth, from Roxbury, Massachusetts. It certifies he died there 19 May 1860. A certified copy of this document, along with a photocopy of the original record, was obtained. Both of these records state that the parents of Thomas C. Whitney were Ebenezer and Mehitable Whitney. The record comes from the death records of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1860, Volume 139, Page 254, Number 224. The record states that he was 51 years old. The name of the informant is not mentioned. The records of probate and deeds of Kennebec County, Maine have been researched for records pertaining to Thomas C. Whitney, in hope that a sibling or parent may be mentioned. No records are found that meet this goal. All of the evidence presented above leads me to the conclusion that Thomas Emmons Whitney of Litchfield and Thomas C. Whitney of Clinton Gore was the same person. At some time, Thomas must have changed his middle name from Emmons to C. No record examined demonstrated that the C. stood for Clinton. Contributing to the discussion and research of this issue are: Ken Whitney, Ellen Collins, Rosemary Naastad, and Larry Tracy. Research in Kennebec County was done by Roberta Williams. In addition, there is an interesting error involving this same Thomas in Frederick Clifton Pierce's Whitney genealogy, found in the Archives section of the WRG web site. If one accesses this work on the web site and clicks on page 577, one finds Thomas R. Whitney, number 3376. His ancestry is given as: John1, Benjamin2, John3, Samuel4, Samuel5, Thomas G.6, Thomas R.7. My research into Maine families leads me to the conclusion that Pierce was absolutely correct in this ancestry. If one clicks on the number 3376, one expects to be taken back to the father of Thomas R. Whitney, who should be Thomas G. Whitney, number 1538. However, Pierce gave the father of Thomas R. as Thomas E. Whitney, not Thomas G., as his ancestry line says. Also, the line just above number 1538 is Thomas G. Whitney, number 3374, the son of Ebenezer Whitney. Ebenezer's ancestry line tells us that he is the one who married Mehitable Robinson and fathered Thomas Emmons (Clinton) Whitney. Therefore, Pierce has transposed Thomas E. and Thomas G. in his work. Thomas G.'s full name is Thomas Grace Whitney, and the family which Pierce attributes to Thomas E. Whitney is really that of Thomas Grace Whitney. Thomas E. Whitney went on to be Thomas Clinton Whitney, who married Hepsibeth Brown in Clinton, Maine. Ken Whitney Silver Spring, MD

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