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From: Farns10th -at- Subject: [WHITNEY] de Whitney - Hereforshire, England 1312 Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2007 00:17:00 EDT ( <a href=""></a>) University of Wales Whitney Reference code(s): GB 0222 WHC Held at: University of Wales Bangor Title: Whitney and Clifford Manuscripts Short Title: Whitney and Clifford Manuscripts _Archives Network Wales - Whitney and Clifford Manuscripts_ (<a href=""></a> 0administration%20|%20England%20|%20Herefordshire) Biographical history: The manor of Whitney is stated to have been obtained by one Thurstin the Fleming, a companion of the Conqueror, who married Agnes, only child of Alured de Merleburgh, and their son, Eustace, assumed the name de Whitney from this manor. His descendant, Sir Eustace de Whitney, who was M.P. for Herefordshire in 1312-1313, figures as party to the first deed in the collection, dated 1333. It was his grandson, Sir Robert de Whitney who in 1402 received a grant of the castles and lordships of Clifford and Glasbury from Henry IV. They were in consideration of the services of his father, the first Sir Robert, who was killed at the battle of Pilleth in 1401 while opposing the forces of Glyn Dwr. _<a href=""></a> d=39&term=Estate%20administration%20%7C%20England%20%7C%20Herefordshire_ (<a href=""></a>; term=Estate%20administration%20|%20England%20|%20Herefordshire) ************************************** See what's free at <a href=""></a>.

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