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From: ALLAGREEN -at- Subject: [WHITNEY] NARA Fee Raise Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 16:58:38 EDT Dear WRG: I found the posting listed below at the top of a much longer note telling how people should try to help prevent this huge fee increase. Since I know nothing about using the facility for this purpose, I thought I would solicit comment from those WRG members who are familiar with the situation. I will be happy to supply the rest of the article if needed. ***************************** The 7 March 2007 issue of the Review discusses the US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) proposal to increase its fees for photocopying records; notably, it mentions their proposal to increase fees for copies of Civil War pension files from $37 to $125. ********************************* Happy Hunting! Allan E. Green The roundest Knight at King Arthur's Round Table was Sir Cumference ************************************** See what's free at <a href=""></a>.

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