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From: "Gerald E. Whitney" <gwhitney -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY] Research of Stephen A. Whitney Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2007 08:42:42 -0500 Ken, I've done some fast research on Stephen A., I don't know his military age but here goes. First is to question the A. could it possibly be an H.? In 1840 is a Harrison Whitney in the township of Nottawa, Saint Joseph Michigan After 1840, I failed to find him. Maybe moved lost, I don't know In 1850 we find a Julia Ann Whitney age 30 from NY and living at Burr Oak,, Michigan very close to Nottawa She shows no husband, has a daughter Marg J. of 8 years born Michigan has a son STEPHEN K. OR H. 6 yearsborn Michigan est birth of 1844 has a ? mother Betsey Raugan 64 years New York In 1860 is STEPHEN H. WHITNEY age 17 born abt. 1843 at Burr Oak, St. Joseph, Michigan living with a family of Israel Negus who was a neighbor in 1850 with no boys. In 1870 is Stephen Whitneyage 26 of Burr Oak, St. Joseph, Michigan with a wife of Anna 29 yrs from Michigan son of Herbert 11/12 from Michigan In 1880 is Stephen Whitneyborn about 1844age 36 at Coldwater, Branch, Michigan wife of Emma (Anna?) age 38 son Herbertage10 dauMyrtieage 5 Could the H. middle initial be for Harrison? I put this together fast so you may find mistakes. By the way the location is all very close to Remington Whitney at Burr Oak, Saint Joseph, Michigan.

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