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From: Lis Whitney <liswhitney -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY] John Whitney of Warren ME Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 18:33:02 -0400 References: <> In-Reply-To: <> Thank you Allan. I imagine at that time period quite a few records didn't make it into the Vital Records. He also could have been from an outlying area and just said "Lincoln" for simplicities sake. One of my sisters found my Great Grandmother Mary Louise Sheehan Whitney's younger brother's birth certificate but not hers. She was told by the town clerk that quite often home births weren't certified but ones in the hospital were. Of course, this was about 90 years after John Whitney was born so I'm sure it wasn't the same case for him. Lisbeth ALLAGREEN -at- wrote: >Dear Lisbeth: > >For what it's worth, I checked the CD for Lincoln Vital Records, and there >is not a John Whitney born there other than a John B. Whitney born in 1848. > >Allan E. Green > > > > >

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