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From: ALLAGREEN -at- Subject: Re: [WHITNEY] Location Help Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 00:59:59 EDT In a message dated 8/13/2007 8:10:50 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, mervinw -at- writes: Fortress Monroe (Fort Monroe) is on Old Point Comfort and was built to guard Hampton Roads. Jefferson Davis was held prisoner there after the Civil War. It was in Elizabeth City County, now the city of Hampton VA. Its still there. I can't find Perryville VA. There is a Sperryville in Rappahannock County. Not only is Fort Monroe still there, but there is a wonderful hotel out there on Old Point Comfort. My wonderful wife and I spent our wedding night at that hotel. I think I can remember that it was called the Chamberlain Hotel. There may not be a Perryville in Virginia, but there certainly was and is one in Kentucky. A very significant Civil War battle was fought there. Allan E. Green ************************************** Get a sneak peek of the all-new AOL at <a href=""></a>

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